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Wall Vase Thrift Store Makeover

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On my most recent trip to Goodwill, I snagged this old green metal wall vase. I almost didn’t get it, but I looked past it’s John Deere green exterior and saw it’s potential! I’m betting that you’ve seen something similar at your thrift store! Check out this farmhouse style wall vase makeover!

green metal wall vase from Goodwill thrift store

The first thing I did was give it a coat of black paint. I used the Apple Barrel brand acrylic paint. I had to use a couple of coats to fully cover the green. If you have chalk paint, I actually recommend using that instead, as it will cover much better than the acrylic paint. It was all I had at the time.

green metal wall vase being painted black

Check it out after a couple of coats of the black paint. Nice, right?!

metal wall vase painted with black acrylic paint

After the black paint dried, I then painted over that with white paint. Again, I had to use a couple of coats. I like to set my painted pieces in front of my heater (it’s cold here right now) to dry them. If you have a heat gun, use that instead.

black metal wall vase being painted white

I didn’t do a solid coat of white paint because I’m going to be sanding it down anyway.

black metal wall vase being painted white

black metal wall vase being painted white

Here it is after a couple coats of white paint. If you’re using chalk paint, you could probably get away with only using one coat of white paint.

metal wall vase painted white

Next, I started sanding the whole thing; paying close attention to the edges and grooves to give it a weathered look. I wanted to bring the black color through, and the green color as well. It even uncovered some of the original metal color beneath the green, so it turned out better than I expected. At first, I used a block sander, but ended up pulling out my palm sander to really bring those colors through to the surface. 

sanding a white metal wall vase to give it a weathered look using a sanding block

You can see in this close up how the distressing turned out. Next, I added twine and a burlap bow to the bottom of the vase.

adding a burlap bow to the bottom of a metal wall vase

I also added four bunches of lavender to the vase top. You can get these from Walmart for only $0.97 per bunch or they also have them from Amazon.

adding lavender bunches to the inside of a wall vase

I glued them in place so they wouldn’t fall through the back. I didn’t have a floral block, otherwise, I would have glued one of those in. But at least you know you have options! Lol 

gluing down lavender bunches to the inside of a wall vase

Once the glue was hardened, my wall vase makeover was complete! I am madly in love with how it turned out! Was that weird? Lol

Check out the before and after of our wall vase farmhouse makeover!

before and after of a metal wall vase farmhouse makeover

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metal wall vase painted with added lavender and burlap ribbon

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Supplies needed for this project :

  • Thrift store piece that you are wanting to upcycle and transform into a farmhouse decor piece
  • White and black acrylic or chalk paint
  • Sanding block and/or palm sander
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Twine
  • Artificial lavender
  • Hot glue gun

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    Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post. Thank you for providing this information.

  2. Melody Hare

    I love it very much. I would not have used the bow but that’s Just my taste. It’s your case so do what you love. Hope I can find one like that ❤️

    1. JRandLBriska

      I debated on using the bow. I like it both ways. Thank you!

  3. Diana Hancock

    perfect find! you have a gift of looking past what is and what it could be…great job…you both are a blessing…stay safe

    1. JRandLBriska

      Such sweet words! Thank you so much, Ms Diana!

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