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Vintage Washboard Makeover

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Do you love vintage and farmhouse decor? You can combine the two with this idea! Check out this Vintage Washboard Makeover using just a few things! There are two different ideas here so make sure to look at them both. Make sure to check out our other Vintage Ideas while you’re here!

Supplies needed for this project :

1. Paint the Washboard

So, I had two of these and did them both differently. This first one, I painted the entire thing white, even the metal washboard part. I used chalk paint, because that covers metal so much better than acrylic paint.

The second one, I only painted the wooden parts, so I used painter’s tape to cover the metal washboard.

a washboard that has blue painter's tape applied to the metal part of it laying on some newspaper

I also didn’t completely paint this one. Using a chippy brush, I just white washed it and I used acrylic paint this time. No sense in wasting more expensive chalk paint.

2. Decoupage the Metal Washboard

On the first washboard, I used a napkin to decoupage a design onto the metal part. I used a sunflower napkin for this washboard. After I peeled away two layers of the napkin, I applied mod podge one row at a time, then laid down the napkin and smoothed it down with a chippy brush. Sorry for the blurry pictures.

3. Add Embellishments

After I was finished applying the napkin, there was a little extra space at the bottom. So, I added a piece of nautical rope there.

someone showing where there was some space left at the bottom of the metal part of a washboard after it was decoupaged with a napkin

Here is the napkin and the stickers that I used. For this washboard, I used the top farmhouse sticker and placed it at the top above the metal part. I used mod podge to help it stay put.

an old washboard, farmhouse stickers, and a sunflower napkin laying on a table

You can see that finished one here. I added a couple of paper sunflowers to the corners as well to finish it off. The back side was left blank, but I did paint it, too. I will either add a fall or a Christmas image on the other side so it can be used all year.

a vintage washboard makeover with a sunflower theme on display

The second one that I white washed, I just added farmhouse stickers to the top part of both sides of it and called it done for those. Simple farmhouse style for those.

And that’s it! You can use whatever theme you want, this is just a couple of ideas. I hope that you enjoyed this project and that it inspires you to transform an old washboard that you own for your farmhouse home decor! Make sure to join our email family so we can keep in touch! Thank you and God bless!

a farmhouse style washboard leaning against a white basket

a farmhouse style washboard leaning against a white basket

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