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Vintage Tart Tin Bell Ornament

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If you love all things vintage, you’re gonna flip over this tart tin bell ornament! 

Supplies needed for this project :

  • Three mini tart tins
  • Wooden 1″ cubes
  • Tinsel
  • E6000 glue
  • Bells
  • A knob for the handle
  • Ribbon
  • Twine or string to tie ribbon
  • Hot glue

three vintage tart tins

If you don’t have exactly what is pictured here, you can substitute with other supplies! The tinsel, the bells, and the wood cubes came from the Dollar Tree. Check antique stores for the vintage tins, but you can also find them new on Amazon. Maybe not in these exact shapes, but retailers are starting to catch on to how popular vintage is becoming once again. 

silver tinsels, E6000, three vintage tart tins, green and red bells, bow,

The first thing you want to do is glue your first wooden cube onto the center of your largest tin. This will require some patience, as it takes a bit longer for E6000 to set up. You don’t want to use hot glue however, because hot glue and metal are not friends. 

gluing wood piece to vintage tart tin

Depending on your next size tin, you might want to add an extra cube like I did here. 

gluing second wood piece to vintage tart tin

Once that has had some time to set up, glue the next tin onto the cubes. 

stacking second vintage tart tin on the other one

Wait a bit longer… go grab a snack.. come back and glue on your next cube onto the top of the second tin. 

gluing wood piece to vintage tart tins

You likely will need another cube for your top tin, so go ahead and add one to it, also. 

gluing wood piece inside a vintage tart tin

Once those are set, glue the top tin to the center tin. 

gluing vintage tart tin on top of two others

This is what we have so far? What do you think?

vintage tart tin ornament

Next, we need a handle for our bell, so I chose one of these wooden knobs that a sweet follower recently sent me. 

gluing wooden knob onto vintage tart tin ornament

Doesn’t look like much yet, but it will. 

vintage tart tin ornament with bell added

I found this tinsel at the Dollar Tree and I used it to hide my wooden cubes and to further that vintage appeal! Do you remember tinsel on your trees? Sigh.. <3 

adding silver tinsel to vintage tart tin ornament

Look how sweet it looks with the tinsel added! I started with a dab of hot glue on one side of the cube, and just wrapped it around a few times and glued it into place and cut it. 

vintage tart tin ornament with silver tinsel added

I did the same for the middle as well. 

vintage tart tin ornament with more silver tinsel added

Looking very vintage-y, right?! 

vintage tart tin ornament

Now for the bells. I added ribbon to each of them to be able to hang them from the bottom. 

adding green and red ribbon to green bell

That ribbon is from Hobby Lobby. It seems to have a vintage vibe in my opinion.  

red and green bells with ribbon added

Afterwards, I attached them to the underside of the bottom tin. 

green and red bells with ribbon added to vintage tart tins

More tinsel was added here to cover up where the ribbon was glued. 

green and red bells with ribbon and silver tinsel added to vintage tart tin

Last thing I did was add a ribbon hanger and a bow to the handle. 

vintage tart tin ornament with green and red ribbon added as a handle

I used the awareness bow method that you can see >>HERE<<

vintage tart tin ornament completed with ribbon bow and handle

How sweet is this?! 

complete vintage tart tin ornament

I just love how it turned out! Here it is in daylight. 

atmospheric picture of completed vintage tart tin ornament

One of my favorite photo spots is right in front of our fir trees out back by our deck. 

vintage tart tin bell ornament

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vintage tart tin bell ornament

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vintage tart tin bell ornament

vintage tart tin bell ornament

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vintage tart tin bell ornament

vintage tart tin bell ornament

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  1. Deborah Potter

    I love this ! So beautiful and vintage-y is that a real word ?

    1. JRandLBriska

      It’s absolutely a real word. Lol Thank you sweet friend!

  2. Beabe

    Your crafts are all so classic and plain adorable I love it when you recycle things into art? Blessed be! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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      What a sweet comment! I love recycling things! So glad you like it here!

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