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Vintage Metal Boiler Tub Makeover You Gotta See!

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Do you have an old metal tub like this one that you want to change up? Let me show you this Vintage Metal Boiler Tub Makeover! It’s so easy to turn something old into something new and versatile! You can use this one for fall and Christmas, too! Make sure to check out our other Vintage Diys while you’re here!

a black metal boiler tub that has a rooster painted on the front sitting on a carpeted floor

Supplies needed for this Vintage Metal Boiler Tub Makeover:

  • Old metal tub
  • White chalk paint
  • Sanding block, paper, or electric sander
  • Twine
  • Mod podge
  • Crafting iron
  • Parchment paper
  • Fall and Christmas Prints (the ones I’m using are from Artist Jennifer Pugh) Make sure to use our code MET10 for a discount when ordering!

1. Paint the metal tub

The first thing to do is to paint the tub if you want it a different color. I wanted this one to be white, so I used chalk paint to color it.

a black metal tub being painted white

Let the paint dry in between coats. You can use a heat gun if you’re impatient like me. 😉

a black metal tub being painted white

While the tub is drying, paint your lid.

someone painting the lid of a metal boiler tub with white paint

I left the handle unpainted so I could move it around. Once the rest of the lid was dry, I did paint the handle.

a painted metal lid with the handle left unpainted

While the lid was drying, I painted the bottom of the tub.

a metal tub that has been flipped over and the bottom has been painted

2. Sand the tub and the lid to distress it

Once the lid was dry, I used a piece of sand paper to distress the raised areas of the lid to distress it. I did the same for the tub once it was completely painted and dried.

someone showing the lid from a metal boiler tub and how it has been sanded

3. Apply mod podge to the sides of the metal tub

After everything has been painted, sanded, then wiped of any dust, add a coat of mod podge to one side.

someone adding mod podge to the side of a metal boiler tub that has been painted white

Once your mod podge has been applied, you can let it air dry or use a heat gun. We used the iron method for this decoupage project.

someone using a heat gun to dry the side of a metal boiler tub

4. Apply the printed image to the sides

This Pumpkin Patch image from Artist Jennifer Pugh was the perfect size for the side of this tub, so I didn’t even have to cut it down. Once your mod podge is dry, lay the print down where you want it. If you order prints from her shop, make sure to use code MET10 for our discount!

someone adding a pumpkin patch image to the side of a white boiler tub

Then you’re going to lay down a piece of parchment paper over the print to protect the print and to protect the iron. Once you’ve done that, use a crafting iron and go over the entire print slowly.

someone using an iron to adhere a printed image to the side of a metal tub

Do this process to both sides. The last thing I did was to add jute to the handles and then it was ready to decorate! I did this project on a live video so you see me here showing an example of how you can decorate it for fall. Another great idea would be to use it as a firewood container to sit on your hearth.

someone showing a metal boiler tub that has been painted and a pumpkin patch image added to it with some pumpkin decor added to it as examples

We use it on our front porch! Here it is nestled inside this adorable wagon that came from Hobby Lobby with some pumpkins and greenery surrounding it.

a vintage metal boiler tub makeover being used in a wagon with some pumpkins on a front porch

This is probably one of my very favorite diys that I’ve ever done. And it was super simple! You can see in these photos how I added the jute to the handles. Is this not fabulous?!

Want to Get a Farm Truck that includes a Mini of this print?? CLICK HERE

a blue pumpkin patch farm truck

But wait! There’s More!

Remember when I said that I made this piece versatile? Check out the other side! This Christmas print is also from Artist Jennifer Pugh! I love a piece I can use for multiple holidays! Don’t you?!

a vintage metal boiler tub makeover being used in a wagon with some greenery on a front porch

And here it is in the snow!

What did you think about our Vintage Metal Boiler Tub Makeover?

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