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Veggie Sauté Breakfast Scramble – A Healthy Way to Start Your Day!

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Are you a breakfast person? Sometimes I am, and then sometimes I’m not. I’m gonna be honest and let y’all know that I have been struggling with eating well right now. I’m not gonna blame it on anything because then that just gives me an excuse to stay on the struggle bus. Every day is a new day and the perfect day for me to start anew. If you are like me and struggle to eat healthy, see how you like this recipe. My veggie sauté breakfast scramble is a very good way to start your day out on a healthy note.

diced red bell peppers and onions

The first thing that I did was chop up some red bell pepper and some yellow onion. The smell of onion sautéing in a pan has got to be one of the best smells in my opinion. When you add in a yummy sweet bell pepper, the aroma is mouthwatering.

red pepper and onions sautéing

Can you smell it?! Mmmmm!

zucchini added to pepper and onion in a pan

This next part you can tweak to your liking. I love zucchini and any kind of squash really, so I went with that veggie next. You could add any veggie to the scramble although. We usually have a big garden which includes lots of zucchini and squash, so I guess that’s probably why the summertime it’s easier to eat healthier, but that’s still no excuse. ?

kale being added to pan

Now here’s probably where I might lose some of y’all, but I really love my greens! Kale is actually one of my favorites! You could sub the kale for spinach or leave this out altogether. It’s really up to you. It’s just important to get those greens in every day and this is an easy way to do it because the other flavors kind of mask that texture that might turn some of you off.

vegetables sautéing

That looks like heaven in a pan! ?? To me anyways. What about you? Are you hungry yet?

turkey meat being added to breakfast scramble

OK, here is where your protein comes in! It’s also very important for you to get your protein in every day and if you follow trim healthy mama, which I try to do (I fail daily-real talk) it is important to have a protein with every meal. If you want to learn more about trim healthy mama, just ask. I’m always happy to share my story. My protein for this scramble was simply turkey deli meat. You could use any protein that you wish. Sometimes what I like to do is to get a rotisserie chicken and remove all the meat from the bone to use in meals such as this. Another idea would be canned chicken or you could use about any meat honestly. Again, make it your own. This is where you want to add your seasonings as well. My go to seasonings are garlic, onion powder, italian seasoning and maybe a little nutritional yeast. Salt and pepper as well to taste. 

eggs being added to pan of vegetables

Last up is the all important egg! There are mixed reviews about whether or not you should have eggs every day, but I’m on the side that says you should. Eggs are full of protein and healthy fats which both are essential. The other healthy fat that I have included in the scramble is coconut oil that I used to sauté my onions and peppers in. How I incorporated my eggs, was I just cracked them on top and mixed them in. Hence the name scramble.

Look at that veggie sauté breakfast scramble! Yum!

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The last thing I did before sinking my fork into this deliciousness was to top it with a little bit of Monterey jack cheese. Y’all! This is so good! I hope you will try it! If you do, let me know what you think! 

Thank you for stopping by our blog and I hope you have an amazing day my friend! God bless!

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    looks delicious

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      Best part, you can tweak it to your liking!

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