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Valentine’s Farmhouse Tree Topper Idea!

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Do you have a year round tree? I tried to hop on to the trend a couple of years ago and here is my attempt at a heart themed tree vignette above. I’ve not done it again, but I remember a Valentine’s farmhouse tree topper that I made for the flocked tree that I want to show you how to make!

Supplies needed for this project:

Have you seen the glitter foam hearts at the Dollar Tree? They make great bases for projects so grab some when you see them! I used a pink one like this for our project!

First thing I did was start wrapping the ribbon around the heart. You can tack the ribbon in place with hot glue or some straight pins. I went with hot glue as I wanted it to be permanent.

Next, I cut down a paint stir stick to remove the handle. I’m using this as a backdrop for our family name that’s going on this topper! I used wire cutters because the wood is very soft, but you could use a coping saw or even one of this new mini table saws.

After sanding the cut edge to finish it, I added a light coat of black paint. I did not cover it completely.

Next, I added a light coat of white paint to add to the rustic appeal of the piece. I call this a whisper of white paint. Lol

Continuing with my paint, I started adding some black distressing to wooden letters that I had already painted white ahead of time. I wanted to add our last name to the topper.

After they were all distressed, I started adding them to my paint stir stick. Our last name is Robertson. They didn’t all fit, which was fine, so I had to stack some on top of others.

I like the way that it turned out!

If you have a shorter name, you could likely fit it straight across the stick. I think it would look great either way. This way kind of let’s that painted stick show through though and I like that!

Next, I used hot glue to attach the name plaque onto our heart form.

After it was attached, I started adding small embellishments. I have pink rosettes in my craft stash, so those were added to the corners.

Another thing that screams farmhouse to me is Lamb’s ear! I cut leaves from a pick and started gluing them onto the name plaque.

I glued them onto the back of the paint stir stick, so the leaves peaked from behind the letters.

The last thing that I added was a simple burlap bow to finish it off. I used the awareness method which is one of the simplest bows you’ll ever make!

Into that top corner is where our bow went.

And I lied. The last thing I added was another rosette to our bow center. Lol

After the heart was complete, I added a wooden skewer to the bottom of it so I could just stick that right in the top of my tree and it would stay put! I like doing this with other pretties made out of styrofoam that I want to stick in to a tree or arrangement.

You can see the finished topper there on top of the flocked tree! Isn’t it pretty?!

Here is a better picture of the finished topper! What do you think?

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I hope you enjoyed this diy and that you will make something like it for your home! Let us know in the comments how you liked it and make sure to join our email family to keep up with what we’re doing each week!

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glitter hearts in a white terra cotta pot that says XO with a heart farm sign, with a raffia bow

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