You are currently viewing Valentines at Dollar General – 25 Items for only $1.00!

Valentines at Dollar General – 25 Items for only $1.00!

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Have you checked out the Valentines at Dollar General yet?? Since the Dollar Tree has increased their items to a buck and a quarter, the Dollar General is now the place to go for those dollar deals! Here are 25 Valentine’s items that you can get for only $1.00!! Check out more Dollar Store Seasonal Decor while you’re here!

1. Hello Love Wooden Heart

First up is this sweet wooden heart love sign that features a burlap bow and a couple of metal hearts and a beaded hanger! This would be super cute to add to a Valentines wreath or you could tuck it into a dough bowl arrangement.

a wooden heart that says Hello Love at Dollar General

2. Novelty Gift Bags

Next up are these really adorable novelty gift bags that you can stuff your valentines goodies into for gifting! They have several different designs to choose from and at only one dollar, you can get multiple!

3. Glitter Foam Heart Picks

These super cute glitter heart picks are really sweet added to a flower arrangement that you pick up for your valentine! Something else fun that you can do with these is to add greenery at the top and turn them into strawberries like we did for this >>project<<!

glitter heart picks from Dollar General

4. Foam Stickers

How about these conversation heart foam stickers?! Layer these back to back at the end of wooden skewers and stick these into an arrangement as well!

Conversation heart stickers from Dollar General

5. Scratch & Reveal Valentines

Do you have kids or grandkids that have a valentine exchange at school? These are different! Scratch and reveal valentines! So much fun!

scratch and reveal Valentines for a classroom exchange from Dollar General

6. Valentines Ribbons

They have a really nice selection of valentines ribbons that you can use in your crafting and also flower arrangements or wreaths for your front door!

Valentines ribbons from Dollar General

7. Pink Wooden Truck

How sweet is this pink wooden truck that features hearts in the tailgate and it says loads of love on the door!? This would also be great as an addition to either a dough bowl or a Valentines Wreath!

a wooden pink Valentines truck from Dollar General

8. Valentines Rose

Of course if you’re last minute like me, you can always grab one of these really cute valentines roses that features a tiny teddy bear!

artificial valentines roses from Dollar General

9. Valentines Window Clings

They have a good variety of the valentines window clings, also! These are perfect for decoupage projects like this sweet >>Heart Farm<< that we made!

10. Diy Heart Cross Stitch Kit

Does anyone else remember doing Crosstitch as a child?? I used to love doing Crosstitch! This would be a perfect beginner project for the kids to try out this craft to see if they would like it! It’s also really cute!

A Valentines cross Stitch project from Dollar General

11. Russell Stover Candy

Who doesn’t love candy?! If you are on a budget, grab one of these boxes of candy, add that cute teddy bear rose, and a little bit of the paper stuffing, and stick it in one of those novelty bags with a glitter heart pick and you’ve got a Valentines gift for $5! What?!

Russell Stover Valentines candy from Dollar General

12. Corkscrew Bracelets

Here is a gift idea for someone who has longer hair who likes to wear it in a ponytail! These are sold as bracelets but I personally like using them for my hair!

spiral bracelets from Dollar General

13. Set of 2 Gift Bags

If you’re really on a budget, they’ve got gift bags that come in sets of two as well! How cute are these gnome gift bags?!

Set of 2 Valentines gift bags from Dollar General

14. Foam Heart Shapes

How about using these foam hearts in your crafting?! This is what I used as the background for my >>button heart project<<!

Foam heart sheets from Dollar General

15. Wooden Gnome

How cute is this wooden gnome hanger?! You can either paint this or you could use it as a background and add your own elements to it! This would be perfect as an addition to a wreath or a dough bowl for your dining room table!

a wooden gnome cutout from Dollar General

16. Treat Bags

If you want to send multiple gifts and need to stretch your dollar, you’ve got 12 of them here! Perfect for gifts for the classroom or to keep in your car to gift your mailman, grocery store cashier, receptionist at the doctors office, etc.

Valentines treat bags from Dollar General

17. Crayon Boxes

Something that you can add to the classroom gifts are these valentines crayon boxes! To keep it frugal, you could print off a Valentines printable and add that to it so they can use these crayons to color the printable! Unless you can find a small coloring book of course!

valentines crayon boxes from Dollar General

18. Gem Look Stickers

What about using these heart stickers to embellish your valentines cards or valentines gift bags? You could also use these in your crafting as well!

Valentines gem heart stickers from Dollar General

19. Valentines Jumbo Cookies

You really could create a sweet Valentines gift with just stuff from the dollar store including these jumbo heart cookies! They look yummy!

20. Mini Slime Party Favors

I’m not sure if you moms want to indulge your kids with these mini party favors, but if you are brave enough, toss these into the kiddos gift bags and they will be your best friend! Ha!

Valentines mini slime party favors from Dollar General

21. Metal Red Truck

Here is something else that you could add to a Valentines wreath! This metal truck which features hearts in the tailgate and the words be mine on the side door is super cute!

Valentines Metal hanging truck from Dollar General

22. Diy Figurine

Paint your own valentine gift with this DIY figurine craft kit which features a Valentines cupcake and three containers of paint! This would also be a really good gift addition to the classroom gifts!

Valentines DIY Clay Figurine from Dollar General

23. Craft Jar

Something really simple that you could gift would be to add some candy to this craft jar, wrap it with some of that ribbon, and you have a sweet Valentines present!

Valentines craft jar from Dollar General

24. Pink Wooden Conversation Block

How cute is this wooden block that says “Hello Love”! Perfect to add to a bathroom to remind your favorite person that you’re thinking about them, even when you’re away.

Wooden hello love sign from Dollar General

25. Heart Craft Box

Last but not least, these cardboard heart boxes have so much potential! You can create pedestal boxes with them, use them for Valentine’s gifting, or make jumbo conversation hearts with them!

Cardboard heart boxes from Dollar General

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25 valentines at Dollar general for only $1.00

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