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Unique Thrift Store Pumpkins for Your Kitchen Decor

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Are you looking for some fun ways to make some out of the box fall decor this season? Let me show you a couple Unique Thrift Store Pumpkins that you’ll love to decorate your home with! Make sure to check out the rest of our fall DIYs, too!

Supplies needed for these unique thrift store pumpkins:

  • Cheese grater
  • Jello mold
  • White and orange paint
  • Ribbons
  • Wooden spool
  • Spanish moss
  • Jute twine

1. Paint your thrifted pieces

I used orange paint for this rusty cheese grater, but I didn’t cover it completely. We call it a paint wash. Just enough to get the color on there. Just please be careful when you’re painting this one, don’t get your fingers too close.

someone painting an old cheese grater with orange paint

Next, I used white paint for the jello mold. These are the rose gold vintage style jello molds that you might have seen on your Grandmother’s kitchen wall. Again, just a white wash. This one is hard to see because of the bright light that I use for my live video.

someone holding up a jello mold that is being painted white

2. Add a bow to your grater

Now that your pieces have a little bit of paint on them, let’s wave our magic wand and turn them into pumpkins! The only thing I added to the grater was this cute bow. Like one of my friends from my Facebook page said, “Sometimes simple is best.”

someone holding up a bow that was made with orange and tan ribbons with a cheese grater in the background that has been painted orange

I used jute to tie my bow and then just tied it onto one side of my handle with that same piece of jute. You could use a dab of hot glue to make it stay in one place if you need to. After the bow was added, I wrapped on some curly twine and boom! We’ve got a pumpkin!

a hand holding curly twine

Learn how to make that curly twine with this easy tutorial!

How cute is this cheese grater pumpkin?!

3. Add a stem to the jello mold

An old wooden thread spool is what I used for the stem for the jello mold pumpkin. I just popped it on with some hot glue. Now, hot glue and metal don’t always get along so you might need to use e6000 here.

someone adding a wooden spool to the top of a painted jello mold

After the stem was added, I wrapped some moss around it.

someone adding moss around the stem of a jello mold pumpkin

Last, I added a simple brown tubing bow and a little bit of curly twine and both of my unique pumpkins were complete!

a pumpkin made from a vintage jello mold

What do you think of our Unique Thrift Store Pumpkins?

unique thrift store pumpkins made with a cheese grater and a jello mold

I hope you enjoyed this unique idea for pumpkins using thrifted items and that it inspires you to look around your home or thrift store to find things you can make pumpkins with! I hope you will join our email list to keep up with us each week!

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Unique thrift store pumpkins diy by My Eclectic Treasures

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