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Transforming Thrift Store Decor

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How many times have you been browsing the thrift store and you see a piece that you would never dream of putting in your decor, so you just keep on walking? I’ve stopped doing that. Just because a piece looks outdated doesn’t mean it can’t be brought back into the current trend with a little TLC. Watch while we have fun transforming this piece of thrift store decor! 

Home Interior wall sconce from the 80's

The first thing that I did was remove this candle holder attachment. It was just screwed on, so it was very easy to remove. Hmm. Wonder what I can do with that piece, because we’re not using it for this diy.

candle holder attachment removed from a vintage Home Interior wall sconce

After the candle holder was removed, I started painting it with a blue chalk paint.

painting a vintage Home Interior Wall Sconce with blue chalk paint

I didn’t fully cover the sconce, because I still wanted to be able to see the original color through the blue.

painting a vintage Home Interior Wall Sconce with blue chalk paint

I love it! What do you think? I really like the way the original color can be seen underneath the blue. It’s distressing backwards! Lol

painting a vintage Home Interior Wall Sconce with blue chalk paint

This is a unique piece for a kitchen shelf or a dining room mantel, so I painted a vintage silver serving spoon, with a cream colored chalk paint for a bit of contrast, that I am going to display on the sconce.

painting a vintage serving spoon with cream colored chalk paint

I had to use two coats of paint for this spoon.

painting a vintage serving spoon with cream colored chalk paint

While I still had some of the cream color on my paint brush, I quickly gave the sconce some highlights.

highlighting a blue painted wall sconce with a cream color paint

It was subtle, but I love how the colors all blended well.

highlighting a blue painted wall sconce with a cream color paint

I didn’t show this, but I also used a bit of black paint to age the paint on the serving spoon. Once that was done, I glued the spoon onto the sconce. I recommend using e6000 for this. Hot glue will not be permanent.

attaching a painted serving spoon to a painted wall sconce to be used as a piece of dining room decor

What do you think??

I’m not sure you’ll find an easier thrift store transformation! With a little bit of paint, we transformed this vintage wall sconce from the 80’s into a modern farmhouse style piece of home decor! The best way to display this piece will be with an easel. I could have also hung this on the wall with the existing hanger on the back.

transforming thrift store decor into a farmhouse piece

I know the possibility of finding an identical piece is slim, but any dated wall piece could work for this project. As far as the utensil, thrift stores usually have an abundance of those, so you shouldn’t have a problem securing one for this project. Just let this be inspiration for you. Try to remember to not look past those pieces that you might never think twice about using in your decor, because the beauty lies just underneath the surface. With a little TLC, you can bring outdated pieces back into the present and right back into your decor! 

Transforming thrift store decor into YOUR DECOR

thrift store farmhouse makeover

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transforming thrift store decor pieces

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Supplies needed for transforming this piece of thrift store decor:

  • Random wall piece
  • Antique serving spoon or any other utensil of your choice
  • Chalk paint in colors agave and cashew
  • Acrylic paint in black
  • Paint brushes
  • Sand paper
  • E6000
  • Screwdriver (optional, depending on the piece)

Watch this thrift transformation in action!

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green metal wall vase from Goodwill thrift store

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before and after of a Home interior wall sconce that was painted and turned into dining room decor

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  1. Michelle

    I’ve passed up so many things at the thrift store only to regret it when I get home. This is such a cute idea!!

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      Thank you so much! I have, too!!

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    I really need to go thrifting. I would’ve never thought of this.

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    I love this! ❤❤

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