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Top Christmas Tree DIYs for the Frugal Crafter!

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Everyone has that one thing that they love to decorate with during the Christmas holiday! That thing for me is Christmas trees! Big, little, tall or small, you name it, I love them all! Y’all didn’t know I was a poet, did ya? Neither did I! Lol Y’all stick around because you’re sure to find some crafting inspiration with this list of my top favorite Christmas tree diys! 

First Up! Fancy in Feathers

feather poster board Christmas tree

Y’all will flip when y’all find out what I used to make this feathered beauty! The feathers are a boa that came from Hobby Lobby but the base is probably not what you would expect! Click >>HERE<< or click the picture to check it out and see the others that I made to go with it by clicking >>HERE<<!

Woodland Christmas Tree Canvas

Christmas tree made with sticks

If you’ve got twigs, you can make this tree! If you can’t find enough in your yard, they sell a package of short twigs at Hobby Lobby, which is where I got these! Check out all of the details for this adorable tree >>HERE<<!

Chunky Tassel Farmhouse Christmas Tree

christmas tree made using chunky yarn tassels

Making tassels is so much fun! Turning them into a tree is so much more fun, though! You will want to make them in lots of colors when you see how easy they are to make! Check out the live tutorial >>HERE<<

Need ornaments for your big trees? Make your own!

Burlap 3-D Tree

burlap 3D christmas tree

Ok, y’all. These are seriously adorable. I made these using a Dollar Tree placemat. If you can’t picture that, just watch the live tutorial >>HERE<<. It’s crazy cool! 

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Gift tag from santa

Red Truck Ribbon Rag Tree

ribbon rag red truck tree

All you need for this tree is a tree form and ribbon! You can gussy it up if you want, but if you’ve only got some cardstock and ribbon, you can make this tree, y’all. It’s too stinkin’ cute, too! I wanted a red truck theme for mine. See the live tutorial >>HERE<< to watch me make it! 

Ribbon Canvas Tree

ribbon tree on a canvas

Here’s another simple and inexpensive tree project! Click the picture to watch the tutorial and then grab one of the craft kits to make your own >>HERE<<

Junk Tree

tree made using junk

Hold the phone, y’all! The contents of your junk drawer can make a pretty amazing Christmas tree! There is a trampoline spring, a jelly jar lid, and a couple of old corks on mine! What might be on yours?? Click the pic to see how we made it! 

Farmhouse Skinny Tree

skinny Christmas tree made using dollar tree christmas trees

You know those teeny tiny Christmas trees from the Dollar Tree? Yea, these are made with those. You gotta see it to believe it, y’all. Click the pic to see how! 

Toga Party Tree

chunky yarn tree

This was just a random, out of the blue tree that I made one day. I don’t have a tutorial for this one, but it’s pretty easy to explain. I used chunky yarn to wrap around the entire tree. Then, I wrapped the jute twine around as shown. Last, I stuck in small pieces of boxwood in random spots. I don’t even know where I was going with this tree, but it ended up reminding me of someone in a toga outfit, hence the name. Lol Totally random. Ever had those projects? Lol I still love it and I use it for my bathroom Christmas decor, because it kind of reminds me of a terry cotton robe, too! Haha! 

No Sew Stuffed Fabric Trees

fabric christmas trees

Last, but certainly not least, as this is my most popular item on our Etsy store, are my no-sew stuffed fabric Christmas trees! These are so much fun, y’all! And if you sew, feel free to sew these, but if you don’t or you prefer not to sew, these are hot glued, y’all. What?! Yes, ma’am, I said hot glue. Watch our quick tutorial >>HERE<< on how we make them! You’ll want to make lots and lots! 


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christmas tree diy projectss

I hope you were able to find some inspiration with this round up of my top Christmas tree DIYS and that you might use a couple of these ideas to add some new trees to your Christmas decor! Please follow us on social media, Pinterest, and YouTube! Also, sign up for our free DIY newsletter! Thanks for visiting! 

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