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Sweater Christmas Tree Diy for the Frugal Decorator

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Grab an old sweater from your closet, or snag one from the sale rack at the thrift store and turn it into a piece of holiday home decor with this Sweater Christmas Tree Diy! Make sure to check out our other Christmas Diys while you’re here!

Supplies needed for this project :

  • Thrifted sweater
  • Cardboard
  • Stuffing
  • Something to use for a tree trunk
  • Hot glue
  • Christmas star

1. Create a Cardboard Template and Cut out Tree Shapes

I just freehanded a tree shape onto a piece of cardboard, then cut it out to use as a template. Using a marker or colored chalk, trace around the template onto the wrong side of the sweater. I placed it at the bottom edge so I could get the bottom hem on the Christmas tree.

a cardboard tree template laying on top of a white sweater

2. Glue the Tree Shapes Together then Stuff it

With the exception of the bottom, glue the top and sides of the two tree shapes together, using hot glue. Then use pillow stuffing to fill the tree.

a hand showing the stuffing inside of a sweater tree

3. Add a Trunk onto the Tree

I had these tiny metal buckets, so I decided to use them for the trunk of the trees.

a hand showing tiny metal buckets

Start by gluing the bottom sides together and leave an opening just big enough for the trunk.

a hand showing the stuffing inside of a sweater tree

Add some glue inside the bottom opening and insert the trunk of the tree.

a hand showing the bottom of a sweater tree, focusing on the trunk of the tree

4. Attach a Christmas Star to the Tree

The last thing to do is to add a star. You could add a star button and sew it on, or just add a wooden or metal star and use hot glue to attach.

someone holding a sweater tree

And that’s it! You can decorate with your trees now! I hope that you enjoyed this Sweater Christmas Tree Diy and that it inspires you to think outside of the box and make something for your Christmas home decor! Make sure to join our email family so we can keep in touch.

sweater Christmas trees

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