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Stuffed Burlap Pumpkin Doorhanger for a Fabulous Fall Front Door

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Are you looking for fall doorhanger ideas? This one is super cute and super easy to make! I’ve even provided the free template for you! Check out how to make this Stuffed Burlap Pumpkin Doorhanger! Make sure to check out our other Fall DIYs while you’re here!

Supplies Needed for this Project :

  • Free Template Below
  • Burlap
  • Stuffing
  • Ribbons
  • Wire
  • Hot Glue
  • Optional embellishments

1. Save and Print the Free Templates

Save these images to your device and print them on full 8.5×11″ paper or cardstock. Once printed, cut them out and tape them together to make a large pumpkin template.

2. Trace the Pumpkin onto Burlap

Place your template down onto a double layer of burlap and use a marker to trace around it.

3. Cut out Your Pumpkin

Pin the two pieces of burlap together so it doesn’t slip and cut the pumpkin shapes out.

4. Draw Ribs onto the Pumpkin

Next, you will use a pencil or marker to draw on some ribs for the pumpkin.

5. Start gluing your pumpkin ribs together

Now, you will use hot glue to glue the two pieces together right along the ribbing to create actual ridges in your pumpkin.

6. Glue together the Outside Edges

Next, glue the outside edges together from the bottom and up the sides, but not the top. You need to stuff it first.

7. Start Stuffing Your Pumpkin

You want to stuff each section since they are glued closed down the ribs. I used a wooden dowel to help push the stuffing down into the sections.

8. Glue the Top of the Pumpkin Closed

You might want to use a silicon pad and a silicon spatula tool when doing this to ensure a good seal. You can see below what I mean.

9. Add a Wire Hanger

I used 16 gauge wire and cut probably an 18 inch piece. Next, I poked each end through either side of the stem and bent it around itself to secure it. Then I used a marker to curl it.

10. Add a Bow

Last thing to do is add a beautiful bow! I went with the cross cross bow. Some call it a messy now or a criss cross bow. It’s a super easy way to get a nice looking larger bow.

After completing the bow, I glued it onto the pumpkin at the top off to the left of the stem and my pumpkin doorhanger was finished!

I hope you enjoyed this project and that it inspires you to make something similar for your fall home decor! Make sure to join our email family to keep up with us each week! Thanks again for visiting and God bless friends!

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