Wicker Plate Pumpkin – Turn Straw Plates into Fall Decor!

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Remember those straw plates that you would use to hold your paper plate during your summer grill-outs? Ya know, the ones that caused you to spend more time untangling them from your clothing than actually eating? Yea, those! I didn’t actually own any of these, but I have been finding them at thrift stores. Some, I have used as wall hangings; like hanging three in a row together. Well, I’m about to show you how to make a Wicker Plate Pumpkin so you can have affordable fall decor and save your clothing! Make sure to check out our other Fall Diys while you’re here!

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This is what you will need to make a wicker plate pumpkin :

  • wicker paper plate holders (if you can’t find these at your local thrift store, I think Walmart carries them or you can get them on Amazon >>HERE<<
  •  fabric of choice – we’re using a plaid shirt that we got from Goodwill for $0.99
  • Scrabble tiles – Get them here* if you don’t have any
  • twine
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • DIY leaf stickers from Dollar Tree
  • any acrylic paint – I use the Apple Barrel brand from Walmart
  • leftover artificial leaves
  • wooden stick for the stem

1. Cut your fabric

Start by tracing the bottom of the plate onto your fabric. Your circle does not have to be perfect, because you are going to use twine to hide any ragged edges.

2. Glue the fabric onto the plate

Use hot glue to adhere the fabric to the straw.

Make sure you glue it onto the center, because your scrabble tiles will need a secure spot and if you don’t glue the center, your tiles will shake around, like mine are doing. Haha! I’m using the black plaid shirt below for mine.

I’ve used this shirt several times already, making a pumpkin and something else cute that I am going to show you tomorrow! 

3. Add scrabble tiles

Now, you are going to glue on your scrabble tiles. Make up any puzzle of words that you like. I did Happy Fall Y’all because today is the first day of fall and I’m pretty happy about that!

Fall is my absolute most favorite season. If it could be fall all year long, I’d take it! What about you? What is your favorite season? Tell me in the comments below! For right now, we’ll show some pictures and then move on to the next step. 

4. Paint the border of the plate

After I glued down all of my letters, I grabbed some paint. Orange to be exact. Orange you glad I suggested plaid fabric, because it makes it easier to line up your letters. 😉 Too corny? Lol

I painted around the edges of the plate without any rhyme or reason.

I just wanted to give it an orange hue. It turned out pretty good! 

5. Add a jute border

Hot dog! How’s that look?! It needed some cleaning up, so that is where the twine came into play. I lined the edges of the fabric with the twine to give it a more finished yet rustic appearance. It really set it off, don’t you think? Please leave your feedback at the end of the blog post. I’m always learning and if you have any suggestions or fun additions or changes, let me know! I love new ideas! 

6. Add embellishments

After I finished adding the twine, I felt like it needed a pop of color. Dollar Tree sells DIY stickers. They are unfinished wood stickers and they are the cutest things!

I used two of the maple leaf stickers and painted them burgundy (or my mixed paint version of burgundy) and a sunflower color for the leaves.

It signified the changing colors of the fall leaves right now, so it was a perfect pop of appropriate color!

7. Add a stem and leaves

The last thing to do was to add a stem and leaves. I have a collection of stems and small branches from our yard, so I grabbed one of those. I used my hot glue and adhered the stem to the back of the plate. Afterwards, I took some leftover leaves from other various floral projects and glued those onto the stem to finish out my pumpkin! 

Tada! Here it is! Wicker Plate Pumpkin! How cute!! Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

How to Make a Wicker Plate Pumpkin!

So, Happy Fall Y’all! Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope I’ve inspired you to make a wicker plate pumpkin for your fall home decor! Have a wonderful evening! Make sure to join our email family to keep up with us each week!

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