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Starfish Christmas Decor

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While we were at the beach this past October, I did a bit of coastal Christmas crafting! I know, I’s the beach, why was I crafting? Well, while the beach is certainly relaxing and stress relieving, crafting to me is just as relaxing! The only thing I brought with me from home was my glue gun and I hit the dollar stores while I was there to pick up some crafting elements. If you live on the coast and need some Christmas decorating ideas, come along with me! 

What Do I Need for this Project?

  • Wooden plaque from Dollar General (DG)
  • Red burlap wired ribbon from DG
  • Wired garland ties from DG or Dollar Tree (DT)
  • 9 ft Novelty Garland from DG
  • Three white starfish (if you do not have access to starfish, they do sell them on Amazon. Find them >>HERE<<.)*
  • Glue gun and hot glue

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The first thing we do is hot glue our burlap ribbon to the wooden board. You can use any color that you want. I used the red color.

Starfish Christmas plaque 11

Next, we added the garland ties to the top and bottom of the wooden board. 

Starfish Christmas plaque 04

Now, we can add our starfish to the plaque! I placed one in the middle first. Then I added the other two on either side. Super cute, right!! You could even leave it like this, but I wanted to add a little extra! 

Starfish Christmas plaque 03

I picked up the novelty garland, not really knowing at first what I was going to do with it. I cut a section that included three of the light ornaments. I draped it over the starfish and glued it in different places to adhere it. And that was it!! Isn’t this darling?! You can either hang this or place it on a table or shelf using a stand. My sister lives in South FL, so I gifted it to her! I’ll update this blog post with a picture when she sends me one! 

Starfish Christmas plaque 01

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Johnny & L’Briska Robertson

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