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Soda Bottle Crafts – Christmas Boot Centerpiece

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Got an empty soda bottle?

Do you love the idea of re-purposing certain items, like a used 2-liter soda bottle, for example? I think you do, or you wouldn’t be here. 😉 Well, I would never make it into the “Recycler’s Hall of Fame”, but if I think we can re-use an empty container in some way, even if I don’t have a clue what we might use it for, I usually stash it away. I also love decorating for Christmas and I try to find inexpensive decor ideas. This project brings the best of both worlds together! 

Supplies needed for this project

  • Empty 2-liter soda bottle
  • Holiday fabric
  • Faux fur or microfiber towel from Dollar Tree
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Optional embellishments


Step 1 :

Cut your 2-liter soda bottle into three pieces; bottom, middle, and top. You are only going to be using these two pieces for this project. 

soda bottle cut into two pieces

Step 2 :

Line your two soda bottle pieces side by side on top of a piece of cardboard. I used an empty box from a Dollar Tree Christmas tree. Recycle, reuse, reduce, right? 😉 Trace around the bottle pieces and then cut out the shape that you traced onto the cardboard. Last, tape the cardboard onto your bottle pieces. 

Step 3 :

Next, you will need to cut a piece of fabric that is 6″x24″. I used this buffalo plaid fabric that I picked up at Joann on Black Friday! You will then start wrapping the fabric around your bottle pieces like so. I recommend using a low temp hot glue for this project, otherwise your bottle will get distorted from high temp glue. Mine did, but I trudged on because I had already started and I knew it would get covered up anyway. So, if you only have high temp hot glue, just be aware there will be some distortion. 

adding fabric to back of soda bottle boot

I started at the “back” of the boot, because I was ok with my seam being there, which will allow me to display it on either side. Depending on what you will use this for, you may want to start your seam somewhere else. I wrapped the entire boot, using hot glue all the way around until I reached my seam.

Step 4 :

After the fabric was attached around the entire boot, I started to fold in my fabric like so. It’s starting to actually look like a boot now. Fold it over on the toe of the boot as well as the top of the boot and use your glue to attach.  

Step 5 :

For this next part, you can either use faux fur, the top of an old Santa hat, or a microfiber automotive towel that they sell at the Dollar Tree. I used the latter. You will need to cut a strip off of one edge and glue it around the top of the boot. I have gotten a lot of use out of that very inexpensive towel. See the gnome that I made using this same towel to make his beard

Step 6 :

Now, we need to line the bottom edge of the boot. A 7/8″ burlap ribbon is perfect for this step. I picked up this ribbon from Walmart for less than $2. Line it like so. 

lining bottom edge of boot with burlap ribbon

Here is the soda bottle boot so far!

soda bottle completely covered with fabric, fur, and burlap ribbon

Last step :

Your final steps are to add your embellishments. I wanted to hide the top where the fabric came together, so I added some greenery, some berries and a pine cone. 

embellishments added to Christmas boot

Optional steps :

The boot looked great as it was, but I also thought it would be cute as a floral centerpiece, so, I grabbed some greenery, different picks, Dollar General ornaments and went to work! I used recycled fiberfill from an old pillow as my base to stick everything into. This is what I ended up with! I love how it turned out! 

additional embellishments added to Christmas boot

Pin it for later!

soda bottle boot main picture

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