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Simple Dollar Tree Vase Farmhouse Makeover

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Recently, I found this simple glass vase at the Dollar Tree that had this pretty basket weave design on it. I needed something white for a vignette, so I grabbed this vase and gave it a makeover! 

Supplies needed for this diy :

  • Glass vase
  • White chalk paint
  • Jute twine
  • Greenery with white flowers
  • Hot glue, scissors, and paint brushes
clear glass vase from the Dollar Tree

First thing I did was paint it completely white using chalk paint. Chalk paint covers so well over glass. It’s the only paint that I will use on glass. 

painting a glass vase with chalk paint

After my vase was completely painted and dried, I added jute twine around the top to add to that rustic charm that I love in my home. 

a painted Dollar tree vase beside a roll of twine

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Look how pretty it looks already! Now, if you don’t want the paint to chip from your glass, you do need to seal it, either with polycryclic or mod podge.

adding jute around the top of a painted Dollar tree vase

I decided not to seal it because I don’t mind the chipped look. 

adding florals to a painted glass dollar tree vase

This was some floral greenery that I had in my stash and I’m pretty sure it came from the Dollar Tree, too! I stuck two bunches inside the vase. You can use floral foam to keep the floral stationary, but I did not. 

adding a jute bow to a painted dollar tree vase

The last thing I added was a simple twine bow. It honestly didn’t need anything though. Another reason I didn’t add the floral foam, was because I can change the flowers out for the different seasons. This one is perfect for the winter months! 

dollar tree vase makeover farmhouse style

Doesn’t it look great displayed here with a couple of neutral trees and the pinecones? I hope you enjoyed this simply diy and that it inspires you to makeover a vase or jar that you may have! Make sure to pin to your pinterest boards and join our email family for a weekly rundown of everything we’ve been up to! God bless friends! 

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  1. Virginia Gregg

    I’m not sure if I’ve seen those. That’s so farmhousey adorable!! The paint just enhances the basket weave so much!

    1. JRandLBriska

      Thank you so much!!

      1. Janine Robinson

        I absolutely love the basketweave jar. Hope I can find one and I save salsa bottles also as well as any other unusually shaped bottles.

        1. JRandLBriska

          Yes, we have tons of saved jars and bottles, too! We love to repurpose them!

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