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Seven Unique Ways to Make a Wooden Shim Tree

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Maybe you’ve had one idea of what a shim tree looks like. Well, my crafting sisters and I challenged ourselves to come up with seven unique ways to make a wooden shim tree! You’re gonna love all these ideas!

Black & White Snowball Tree

Three shims and some snowballs! That’s all it took for this tree to come together! I backed it with a burlap and white elegant frame and added a knob for the trunk and a rusty spring star to finish it off! Let me show you how I brought it all together >>HERE<<

Traffic Cone Shim Tree

Have you seen the toy traffic cones at the Dollar Tree?? Can you believe that is the base for this amazing tree?! Ms Darra from Lattice and Lace: DIY’s, Creations, & Designs made this one! Check out her video tutorial >>HERE<< to see how she did it! 

Miniature Shims North Star Tree

This ideas was genius that Ms Angela had from Word & Home! She had her hubby cut the shims into miniature shims! How fun is this?! I love the layers and that star just makes it, right?! She has that star in her shop if you’re interested! Watch her tutorial for this fun tree >>HERE<<

Shim Tower Tree

Talk about thinking outside of the box! Ms Amanda from Amanda Made created this shim tree tower with different size pieces of cut shims! This would be a great conversation piece at your holiday get togethers! See how she made it >>HERE<<!

Vintage Style Shim Tree

How adorably sweet is this vintage style tree that Ms Hilde’ made? That little bird up top was the icing on this cake! I love the different shades of color she added to this tree, too! Very vintage feel with that background paper, don’t ya think?! See the live tutorial from Simple Crafting at Hilde’s Farmhouse >>HERE<<

Rotating Shim Tree

This next tree has a unique rotating feature! You can enjoy it flat or you can turn the inside tree and enjoy it 3D! Ms Agnes from Just That Perfect Piece created this one! See her video tutorial >>HERE<<

Dollar Tree Tin Shim Tree

Last but not least, this tin shim tree was made by Ms Judy from The Crafty House! I love the addition of the greenery and the snow! And that trunk!! Watch her put it together >>HERE<<!

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  1. Christy Dee

    I loved this event. Looking forward to the next one.

    1. JRandLBriska

      We are talking about our next one now!

  2. Vickie Newell

    I’ve just recently discovered your page and love it!!

    1. JRandLBriska

      I’m so glad that you did, Ms Vickie!

  3. Rosa J Hopper

    Love the DT crafts!!!

    1. JRandLBriska

      I will do more Dollar Tree DIYs! Thank you!

  4. Linda Taylor

    You are so talented in so many areas.. Love ya

    1. JRandLBriska

      You are very sweet. Thank you. ❤️

  5. Virginia Gregg

    The snowman is adorable. I like it without arms and a face!

    1. JRandLBriska

      Thank you! ☺️

  6. Connie Andrews

    Love the shim trees

    1. JRandLBriska

      Aren’t they all so fun and unique?! Thank you Miss Connie!

  7. Norma Moran

    Hey girl, my house is so small I am having a hard time making the seasonal items, just no place to put them. I can’t get around to Nursing Homes or anything like that to give. Maybe a craft that I can add a little something for holiday but could leave out most of the time would work best for me. I love all your ideas and appreciate you and your husband sharing videos to us. Norma Jean

    1. JRandLBriska

      I love the versatile projects that you can leave out all year and also use for the holidays! I will definitely do more of those projects! Thank you so much for this feedback.

  8. Roxana

    Love love love it all!

    1. JRandLBriska

      Thank you, Ms Roxana!

  9. Debra Kennedy

    LBriska, I ❤️ all that you do so many fantastic ideas especially for the Christmas season!

    1. JRandLBriska

      Thank you, Ms Debra!

  10. Kat

    Loved the event and this post. Will be trying to make some of them.

    1. JRandLBriska

      So glad that you loved this event! I hope you will share your trees on our community group!

  11. Sundra Jordan

    Love the blog. I watched your video on making shim and snowball tree as you made it. It’s next on my to do list but I have a couple of ideas to add to it. I also like all the other ideas for shim trees. It’s really very generous of you to include other’s ideas on your blog.
    Keep it coming!!

    1. JRandLBriska

      I’m always so happy to include others on my blog! I’m so glad you will be making the shim tree! I can’t wait to see it!

  12. Kathleen Fisher

    I love watching you craft…you always have so much fun doing it! I love how your boys and husband get involved. I love your passion. I will definitely watch your crafts and your blog!
    Love you and God Bless you!!

    1. JRandLBriska

      I appreciate you so much, Ms Kathleen! <3

  13. Leslie Hodges

    So cute! Love the Christmas light garland

    1. JRandLBriska

      Thank you so much!

  14. Libby Blackburn

    I love your blog!! I’m excited that the shim tree event is all here and in one place!

    1. JRandLBriska

      I’m so happy to hear that you love the shim tree round up!

  15. Karen

    Wonderful inspiration! Thanks so very much!

  16. Cindy Riddle

    Hey I want to see how u made the shim mini northern star tree I love it hope u can share and show me how to made ?

    1. JRandLBriska

      There should be a link to click so you can see the video for that.

    2. JRandLBriska

      Where it says click >>HERE<<, you’ll find the video for that project.

  17. Sherry Ratcliffe

    Love them all

    1. JRandLBriska

      Thanks Ms Sherry!

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