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Seashell Ribbon Ruffle Tree

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Don’t we always come home with at least a handful of seashells after our beach vacations? I know, we do. It’s actually more like bags of shells! Lol Well, now you can use those shells to bring the beach to your home during the Christmas season! Let me show you how to make this lovely seashell ribbon ruffle tree! 

Ribbon, Party Hats, and Seashells!

party hats and ribbon

You start off by ruffling your ribbon. I have a live tutorial on my Facebook page where I show you how I do this. See it >>HERE<<. Basically, you use needle and thread (I use crochet thread) and make a running stitch down the center of your ribbon. You can use any ribbon, but I prefer wired ribbon, as it gives a better ruffled look. Every so often, you will pull your ribbon down the thread to produce your ruffles. 

Add your ruffles to your party hat

adding first row of ruffles to paper hat
Attach ruffles to hat using hot glue

adding second row of ruffles to paper hat
Each row length will vary. You just have to eyeball it as you make your ruffles.

adding last row of ruffles to paper hat

This is a tiny tree, so it doesn’t take many rows to cover it. After you have covered your tree in ruffles, you have to add your star! I used a starfish of course! Not the one pictured above, because that one was too large. This smaller white one worked much better.


What do you think? I think it’s perfect!

starfish added to ribbon ruffle tree

The last step is to add your seashells. No rhyme or reason to this step. Just add them in various spots, using your hot glue. I picked up lots of different beach treasures when we were in the Gulf in the fall, so there is more than just seashells on mine!

How do you like my seashell ribbon ruffle tree?

seashells added to ribbon ruffle tree

I’ve got a beach themed bathroom in my home, so this tree will go in there for the holiday! If you have a beach theme somewhere in your home, consider making a seashell ribbon ruffle tree to add to your Christmas decor! 

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