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Rustic Wooden Tags – Pallet Wood Craft

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We just recently showed you our Valentine’s Farmhouse Ornaments, and promised that we’d show you how to make the wooden tags that we used. Are those not the cutest?! 

wooden love valentine's ornament

pallet wood valentines ornaments

pallet wood valentines ornaments

pallet wood valentines ornaments

What you will need to make the rustic wooden tags

  • Pallet wood – You can sometimes find these free from warehouses that no longer need them.
  • Circular saw
  • Drill
  • Sander

We love our Dewalt power tools! We’ve included our affiliate links.

Step One

Select a piece of pallet wood and start making your cuts with your circular saw. Our tags were 5×2″. We drew our pattern with a marker, and we made our horizontal (long) cuts first. 

Next, make your vertical (short) cuts. 

Step Two

After your tag is cut, use a sander to soften up the edges and smooth out the sides. Pallet wood splinters.  

Step Three

The final step is to drill your hole. Seriously, so simple! As long as you have access to some power tools and pallet wood, you can make these in three easy steps! 

Cut! Sand! Drill! It’s that easy to make your own rustic wooden tags!

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