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Ribbon Easter Egg Cutout on Burlap Canvas

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Spring is on the way, y’all! We’re trying to brighten things up using this ribbon Easter egg craft! This is a great project to get the kids involved with. They can help cut ribbon or trace around the egg! No matter how you make it, it’s sure to bring a little Spring to your decor!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Ribbon Easter Egg

  • 8×10 canvas from Dollar Tree (DT)
  • Burlap fabric
  • Solid colored fabric
  • Various ribbons of choice
  • Scissors
  • Twine

First step is to cut 8×10 pieces from your burlap and solid colored fabrics. Afterwards, use the felt egg cutout to make your egg cuts. Later, you can use the fabric egg cutouts for another Easter project. For this one, you will need the outside cut only. See pictures for reference. 

felt egg cutout on top of burlap fabric

using a rotary cutter to cut around a felt egg template

felt egg cutout used to cut egg out of burlap

yellow fabric egg cutout

Now, using your felt egg cutout, cut your ribbon pieces to the desired length. Your ribbon should go past the edges of your egg. After your ribbon pieces are cut, glue the felt egg cutout onto your canvas to be used as your template to apply your ribbon. Make sure to center your egg. 

spring ribbon

cutting ribbon sections

gluing felt egg cutout to canvas

Next up! Start creating your ribbon Easter egg!

Once your felt egg is centered and glued down, start gluing down your ribbon sections one at a time. I placed them randomly and overlapped them to fully cover the felt egg template underneath. Your ribbon will extend past your egg and this is what you want. 

adding ribbon to a felt egg template

adding ribbon to a felt egg template

adding ribbon to a felt egg template

Next, you will glue your solid colored fabric onto the canvas, making sure to line it up around your ribbon Easter egg. The reason we add the solid color fabric is because the burlap is see through and we don’t want to see the ribbon that is extended past our egg. It also makes a pretty nice accent color. It will not be pretty, because you will most likely see your hot glue through your fabric. This is ok because you will be layering with your burlap next and covering your solid fabric anyways. You could use mod podge to apply the solid fabric which would look much cleaner, but it isn’t necessary for this. 

gluing solid fabric onto canvas around ribbon easter egg

gluing solid fabric onto canvas around ribbon easter egg

gluing solid fabric onto canvas around ribbon easter egg

Bust out the burlap!

After your solid fabric, glue down your burlap fabric the exact same way, lining it up to cover the solid fabric but not your ribbon egg. 

layering burlap fabric over your solid fabric around ribbon easter egg

Next fray your edges. Trim them if necessary. 

fraying the edges of burlap fabric

Let’s make a bow for our ribbon Easter egg canvas!

cutting pieces of ribbon for bow

crossing ribbon for easter bow

tying ribbon together to make an easter bow

front of easter spring bow

The last thing to do is add optional embellishments. I added a button to my bow and a metal Welcome sign and twine carrots that I got from the Dollar Tree to my frame. What do you think?? I like it! 

adding a metal welcome to ribbon easter egg cutout canvas

adding twine carrots to ribbon easter egg canvas

adding twine carrots to ribbon egg canvas

Our Ribbon Easter Egg Cutout Canvas Craft is Complete!

ribbon easter egg canvas

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burlap & ribbon easter egg cutout

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