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Poster Board Christmas Trees

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In just about every department store that I have visited this Christmas season, there has been an explosion, it seems, in the cone shaped trees. I want to buy them all, but I also need to eat. Ha! So, I’ve set out to make my own! Can you believe these trees were made with poster board!? I’m having so much fun making them and I now have a whole set of poster board Christmas trees for my holiday decor! Let me show you how I make them! 

Supplies Needed for this Craft

  • Poster board (Dollar Tree has them 2 for $1.00)
  • Fabric, feathers, lace, paint, etc to cover your trees
  • Embellishments such as ornaments, bows, beads, etc. 
  • Fairy light sets (optional)
  • Glue gun and glue


First thing to do is to make a cone shape with your poster board and glue to secure the shape. You can use rubber bands or masking tape to help keep the shape while you are gluing. I do not have a picture of this, but I do have a live tutorial on my Facebook page if you are having trouble with this part. This is what it should look like. 

poster board shaped into a cone

Next, you will choose your covering. You can see how I made the fabric covered trees in my FB live tutorial, but for this post we are making the feather tree. I picked up these feather boas from the Christmas craft section of Hobby Lobby. They were only $1.50 each since all Christmas is half off there. Woot! I can definitely eat and have trees with that price! Lol 

feather boas used for poster board Christmas trees

Hold up..Let's Do a Quick Price Comparison

I did a search for feather trees online and my first result was this Feather Tree for $26.00. Y’all, we are about to make essentially the same thing (albeit, a little shorter) for two bucks! Yes, please! 

gluing a feather boa onto a poster board cone

You’re going to start wrapping your poster board cone with the feather boa, securing it with hot glue as you go around the cone. Keep doing that until you come to the end of the first boa. Then, switch to the second one and finish off your wrapping. My tree was about 12″ and two boas covered the whole thing. 

feather boas wrapped around a poster board cone
This is what you end up with, before adding embelishments.

Kind of looks like a sick chicken, doesn’t it? It will look better once you fluff your feathers and add your embellishments. I am adding a wooden tag and star to mine. Walmart has these mini wooden tags in their miniature ornament section. They come six to a package for $1.98. We’re still eating, y’all. 😉 

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mini wooden joy sign added to feather poster board Christmas tree

After I added my tag, I started working on my star. I painted it white first. Then I sprinkled it with iridescent glitter. Last, I lined it with twine. I love twine, y’all.  

Poster Board Christmas Trees!!

Here is the whole set of poster board Christmas trees that I made! Aren’t they pretty?! I love them and best of all I didn’t go broke buying them! Click >>HERE<< to see how I made the green lace tree! 

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