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“Pickled” Apothecary Jars!!

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I’ve been having fun with pickle jars lately, and this project was no exception! This Christmas project was so stinkin’ easy! I absolutely love how they turned out and my sister pointed out that I can also use these year round in my bathroom! That made me love them even more! Once Christmas is over, I can remove the tag and use them for cotton balls, q-tips, etc! Fun and functional! I love practical projects that I can also decorate with! I picked up a set of candle holders at a yard sale this past weekend that will work perfectly for these! Goodwill always has candle holders or you can get them at the Dollar Tree. 

What you will need for this project:

  • clean empty pickle jars with lids (learn how to clean those labels off HERE)
  • white spray paint
  • small Christmas ball ornaments
  • candle holders
  • pom pom ribbon
  • e6000 glue
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • embellishments (optional)

Start by making sure all of your labels are removed from your pickle jars and any residue is cleaned off. I like to use orange essential oil to remove sticky labels and then alcohol to remove any oils.

See the label removal process HERE!

You will then take the candle holders and pickle jar lids outside and spray paint everything white.

Pretty right?! I love the crisp white!

Also paint the ornament balls that you will use for the knobs.

I put them on top of wood skewers to make them easier to paint.

Let’s work on filling the jars!

While those are drying, start working on your jars. You can use any ornaments that you want. I used these from the Dollar General that I got last year in their after Christmas clearance. They are the perfect size, in my opinion, because they fit, but not many fill the jar, and then you have bigger spaces if you want to add some fairy lights to your jars. I may do that later. I haven’t decided yet.  

I used one color per jar, but you can use all one color or a mix in your jars! Up to you!

After you fill your jars, you will add your embellishments. I used a white pom pom ribbon and some mini ornament tags that I got from Walmart. I used my hot glue to secure the ribbon around the top of the jar below where the jar lid will attach.  

I then added a mini ornament tag by hot gluing the twine hanger to the inside of the jar and just let it hang down.

Once the lids, candle holders, and ornaments are dry, you can put everything together. You can obviously just screw your lids onto your jars. This will also help secure your tags.  

Then you will use E6000 glue to attach your jars to your candle holders. You need something a little stronger than hot glue for the jars, just in case these topple over.

You can still see the snowflake that was on these ornaments, but I think it’s a nice touch and means we can transition these jars over into winter jars after the holidays!

Use hot glue to attach your painted ball ornament to the lid to mimic your apothecary jar.

Once everything is dry, usually overnight, your jars are ready to add to your decor!! Yay!!

How adorable are these!! How cute would these be on a mantel or a sofa table!! I’m not sure where I will put them just yet, but I will surely share once I start decorating my house for Christmas. That will be a while yet, though. At least until November 1st! Haha! I get Christmas crazy around here!

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