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Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers : a Recipe You’ll Love!

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Do you love cheesesteak sandwiches? Oh my gosh, there is this food truck at one of the beach stops on the East coast of Florida that makes one of the very best cheesesteaks I have ever tasted! Every time we go, we always get one. But boy are they super greasy and sitting inside of a carb loaded bun! It’s a good thing we only get those a few times a year. Lol Let me show you how you can keep that yummy deliciousness without all the extra grease and junk carbs with this Philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers recipe!

Ingredients needed for this recipe :

  • Frozen philly steaks
  • Whole bell peppers
  • Cream cheese
  • Onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Kale or spinach
  • Seasonings of your choice
  • Shredded cheese

Let’s get started!

Have you ever seen this stuff at Walmart? It is tha bomb dot com! We have it regularly on our menu, because we love Philly cheesesteaks! Another thing we love are stuffed peppers! So, we combined the two so we could take the place of the bun, but still be able to enjoy what goes in a Philly cheesesteak! This is a great keto recipe for those who follow that lifestyle. We follow Trim Healthy Mama and this would be considered an S meal.

philly steak from Walmart

Put those puppies in a pan and brown them up! They cook up fairly quickly, too!

philly steaks in a pan to brown

After a few minutes on the first side, flip them over and let the other side brown.

browning Philly steak in a pan

Once both sides have browned slightly, they will easily start to break up.

browning Philly steak in a pan

While that finished cooking, I worked on my additions to the stuffing.

Sliced mushrooms

First I sliced my mushrooms, then I chopped them finely.

chopped mushrooms

Then just toss it in on top of your browning meat. Yum!

adding chopped mushroom to browning Philly steak

Next up is some chopped onion. I used a whole onion for two packs of the Philly steak portions for reference. I sliced them, and then diced them. That reminds me of Waffle House and their hashbrowns. Lol Sliced, diced, covered, smothered… Ha!

chopped onion

Then just toss those in, too!

diced onion added to browning philly steak

While that cooks for a few minutes, let’s work on those peppers. I LOVE bell peppers! We grow them in our garden every year and nothing smells better to me than a fresh bell pepper from out of the garden. Gosh, I can’t wait until Spring now! Lol

Bell peppers

Prepare them by cutting off the tops and pulling out all the seeds. If you can keep the top intact while removing the stem, that would be great, but you could always leave the stem and just take it off after they are done.

Bell peppers with their tops cut off and their insides removed

Next up is our cream cheese! Typically you find provolone as the cheese in a Philly cheesesteak and you can certainly add it here, but we decided to be all cute and use some cream cheese (Philadelphia) even though we’re using an off brand. Haha! We’re silly. Plus we didn’t have provolone. Lol

cream cheese

I cut the cream cheese into four equal pieces, then cut those four pieces into four equal pieces. One of those 1/16 pieces went into the bottom of each bell pepper “cup”. Cute, right? 😉 Lol

cream cheese added to the bottom of our bell pepper cups

Let’s go back to our browning meat. Next we’re gonna add some green goodness. You can skip this step if you wish, but I promise you won’t even know it’s in there.

browned philly steak in a pan

Let’s add some kale!

Kale! Yep, we’re adding kale! I love kale! Funny, I always used to snub my nose up at it when I would see it on the bar at the Ponderosa, around all the food on the buffet. Didn’t even realize that stuff was edible until I was an adult. Haha! I love it now! Just toss a couple of handfuls of the precut stuff onto your browning meat.

adding kale to browned Philly steak meat

I hope I didn’t just lose you. Lol I promise you won’t even know it’s there. Kale cooks down very well, but is so very good for you that anytime I can add it to a dish, I do it! But my husband and I just love to eat it sautéed on it’s own.

mixing in kale to browned philly steak meat

After the kale is cooked down really well, add your seasonings. I like to add garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper, and red pepper flakes for that little kick.

Adding browned philly steak stuffing to bell pepper cups

Then you will add your stuffing to your bell peppers, but don’t fill them all the way.

adding more cream cheese to stuffed bell peppers

Because you’re going to add another layer of cream cheese and then more stuffing.

Stuffed bell peppers going into the air fryer

Is that an air fryer??

You might be wondering, “Is that an air fryer?” And the answer would be, yes! We are making these in the air fryer! Y’all, this is seriously so quick!

Stuffed bell peppers in the air fryer topped with shredded cheese

Top your peppers with shredded cheese. Just use what you have. I think ours was Colby Jack. It’s your preference.

stuffed bell peppers ready for the air fryer

Replace those tops and close them up in the air fryer. No oil needed. We made four, so we just spaced them out in all four corners. We put the temp on the air fryer at 360° and set the time for 10 minutes. Yep! You read that right! Only 10 minutes!

philly cheesesteak stuffed bell peppers made finished in the air fryer

Holy toledo! Check out that scorched pepper skin! Yum y’all! They were seriously so good!

philly cheesesteak stuffed bell peppers made finished in the air fryer

Mmmmm! Cheese! Save this Philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers recipe to your Pinterest boards!

philly cheesesteak stuffed bell peppers made finished in the air fryer

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and that you will try it for your family! Make sure to join our email family so you can keep up with what we’re up to! God bless friend!

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