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New Fall Earrings in Our Shop!

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Are you an earring lover? I love earrings and I love seasonal earrings even more! Here are several new styles that we have available in our shop! Click each picture to be taken to our Etsy store!

These glass candy corn earrings are a perfect accessory for your fall festivals and Halloween get togethers!

These delicate silver leaves are perfect for those who like a little dangle but not a lot of weight. They are so light weight, you barely know they are there! Perfectly suited for your fall wardrobe!

Teal flower Ruffle stud earrings
How cute are these tiny teal flower cabochons?! These are perfect to throw on with a coordinating fall top with your favorite pair of blue jeans!

Gold leaf earrings
Where are my gold gals? These leaves are a bit larger than the silver ones, but they are just as light! You can dress these up or down! I wore them with jeans and a green top to our local marina restaurant! But I could totally add these to a sweet Sunday dress, too!

We’ve got lots more in our Etsy shop so take a look around when you’re there! ☺️

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