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Neutral Valentine’s Garland Diy

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I love mantel decor, especially garlands; and I try to make my own each season. This year, I’m loving the neutral theme, so I created this burlap and white Neutral Valentine’s Garland for our fireplace mantel! See, step by step, how I made it! Also, make sure you check out our other Valentine Diys while you’re here!

Supplies needed for this project :

  • Burlap banner garland from Dollar Tree
  • Valentine’s stencils
  • White acrylic paint
  • Pounce brush
  • Burlap hearts
  • Jute twine
  • Wooden beads
  • Yarn
  • Miniature pearl strands
  • Pom pom ribbon trim
  • Hot glue

1. Stencil onto the burlap flags

I found this pre-made burlap banner garland at the Dollar Tree recently! As soon as I saw it, I grabbed it, because I needed one for my Valentine’s garland! The plan was to make my own, which you can totally do, easy peasy! Just get some 6″ wide burlap ribbon and cut your own, if you’re not able to find these.

Mini burlap shaped flags from Dollar Tree laying on a table

Another thing that I have had since last year was Valentine’s Day stencils that I had purchased from Essential Stencil. I am not sure if they still offer this set, but I did find some stencils on Amazon that you might like, too!

Acrylic paint and a sponge pounce brush is what I used to apply the stencils onto each pennant. Make sure to clean your stencils in warm soapy water after you use them to prolong their life.

2. Add hearts to both end pennants

I found these burlap hearts at Hobby Lobby, but they have some on Amazon if you’d like more of them.

a burlap heart on top of some bubble wrap

I used the same acrylic paint on these hearts as well.

someone painting a burlap heart with white paint with a pounce brush

Then I added them to the end pennants using hot glue.

a white burlap heart on a burlap pennant laying on a table

3. Add burlap heart dangles along the jute hanger

I used those same hearts to create some additional embellishments in between some of the pennants. Using jute and a wooden bead, I created a little hanging detail that I just tied onto the main jute hanger.

a couple of pieces of jute with wood beads hanging on the ends of them

Then I added the burlap hearts along the jute like shown, using hot glue.

a burlap heart added to a piece of jute with a wood bead on the end of it

If you have enough of these burlap hearts, sandwich the jute on both sides. I did not have enough, so I did just the one side.

burlap hearts added to jute string hangers laying on a table

Next, tie them onto the string in between some of the pennants. You will cut the extra jute off later and clean it up a bit.

burlap hearts hanging in between pennants on a neutral valentines garland

4. Add yarn tassels between some of the pennants

Another embellishment I added was yarn tassels in between a couple of the pennants and then at the ends as well. If necessary, we have the Easiest Tassel tutorial here!

a yarn tassel hanging between pennants on a neutral valentines garland

5. Add a pom pom trim to the top edge

I used hot glue along the top edge to add this adorable pom pom trim.

6. Add pearl beads to the bottom edges

Using hot glue again, I added a pearl border to the bottom diagonal edges.

a burlap heart pennant with a pearl strand added to the bottom edge

Clean up all your extra strand secure them with hot glue if necessary and then you’re all done! Your Neutral Valentine’s Garland is ready to hang!

I hope you enjoyed this Neutral Valentine’s Garland diy and that you will try something similar for your Valentine’s home decor! Make sure to join our email family so we can keep up with each other! Thanks for visiting!

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