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Mini Christmas Tree Stand

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So, here we are deep into Christmas decorating and I realize that I need some trees for my new kitchen table. We recently bought a gorgeous new table from Sams, and there is a lot of area to decorate in the center of the table, therefore I picked up trees from the Dollar Tree. I filled them in with garland ties, because they are quite sparse, yet the perfect size for a table top tree. However, something else was missing. A tree skirt? Nah. It needed to be enclosed and take up no more space than the tree itself. A mini Christmas tree stand! Ding, ding, ding! 

basket used for tree stand

I remembered that I had picked up this basket from a thrift store while we were in FL last, and knew it would be perfect! On the other hand, it was just too plain for my taste. Hmmm?

Too Plain or Not Too Plain? That is the Question.

As a result, I decided to add something to the front of the basket. On my last trip to Marshall’s, I had bought greeting cards that had the red truck on them, so I grabbed one of those and my scissors and got to work! I cut the card apart into two pieces and I hot glued the front of the card onto the basket like so. Easy peasy right?

adding image onto basket

I felt like it still needed something, so I grabbed my scissors again and cut out the words from inside the card and placed that right below the truck. Aren’t these cards the cutest by the way?! I am in love with the red truck theme this year! Look at my red truck trees below!

adding words to bottom of image on basket

See my Red Truck themed Christmas trees here!

After that, I wrapped the top edge with red plaid ribbon. 

red truck basket with red ribbon wrapped around the top

I like it, but it still looked like a basket with a card attached. Hmm. Wait! What?! Did someone say twine?! Yes, please! Twine works wonders in many craft projects and I loooove using it. Likewise, look what it does for this one!

finished red truck basket tree stand

Twine Does a Basket Good!

All of a sudden, it looks like a mini Christmas tree stand basket! I love how it turned out! It’s nice to be able to use household items to create beautiful home decor! How does it look? I have quite a collection of Christmas trees and I add to them every year. The ones you see here are all new this year! The one on the left, I purchased at Ross department store. The one on the right, I made! If you want to make one, click here!

Browse Christmas at Dollar General!

Check out my new Mini Christmas Tree Stand!

mini christmas tree stand basket

To conclude, here is the entire tablescape, including my ribbon ruffle tree that you can watch me make here. I’m actually still not done with the centerpiece. It’s a work in progress. As is everything else in our home. We love it that way, though. 

kitchen table Christmas decor

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