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Lemon Canvas – Squeeze the Day

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Where have lemons been all of our lives?? Right in front of us apparently! I guess lemons are the “red truck” of spring! This seemingly insignificant citrus fruit has taken center stage in a lot of our decor this season! Personally, I love it! I decided to hop on this trending train and add this puckering pop of color to our decor with this lemon canvas project! 

Supplies needed to make your own lemon canvas

  • Canvas in size of your choice – I used a 16×20. You can get them in a pack of 5 from Hobby Lobby
  • Lemon print fabric – I found this one at Walmart – it was one of the seasonal fat quarter rolls 
  • Mod Podge and brush
  • Nautical rope or jute rope – They have this at Dollar Tree in 13′ sections or you can get a huge roll at Hobby Lobby or Home Depot
  • Small wooden letters
  • Black spray paint
  • Burlap ribbon  from Dollar Tree
  • Various ribbon for bow and twine to tie
  • Burlap fabric
  • Lemon Hello sign from Dollar General 
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Let's get rolling!

Start by pouring your mod podge onto your canvas, using your brush to cover it. If you’re using a 16×20 canvas, you should be able to use the entire fat quarter and not have to cut it. Center your fabric onto the canvas and press out all of your mod podge bubbles. You can add a top layer of MP if you desire, but I did not think it was necessary for this project. The fabric is porous enough that it allows the MP to seep through. 

Next, turn your canvas over and add MP to the exposed edges. Cut your corners so your fabric will lay flat. See the picture. Press your fabric over the edges to seal. 

Isn't it pretty just like this?!

Now we’re going to attach jute along the border to add that farmhouse appeal! Lay down a bead of hot glue along each side and apply a cut piece of rope. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

Time to embellish our lemon canvas!

Recently, I found this cute wooden lemon cutout from Dollar General, which features a metal tag that says hello. I wanted to add it, but it clashed with the lemon fabric. My solution was to back it with a small piece of burlap fabric, which worked perfectly! When life gives you lemons… 😉 Burlap fabric backed lemon sign that now doesn’t clash with lemon fabric = lemonade. 

Now, it’s time to Squeeze the Day! Well, add those letters anyway! I used small wooden letters that you can get at any dollar store, your local Walmart, or craft store. They were too light to leave them natural, so I spray painted them black. After they were dry, I glued them to my lemon canvas. 

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The other corners seemed lonely, so I added burlap ribbon to opposite corners and a criss-cross ribbon to the corner opposite the hello lemon sign.

I absolutely love how our lemon canvas turned out!

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They look perfect next to our fabric lemons that we recently made on a Facebook live tutorial! Check it out >>HERE<< if you haven’t seen it! 

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