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Learn How to Crochet – The Crochet Club with L’Briska

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Crochet is one of my passions and when I was presented with the idea of teaching online classes, I couldn’t resist. I used to sell my crocheted pieces online, but it really was not profitable because of the time I invested in each piece. Handmade items period are worth so much more than mass produced products, but especially crocheted or knitted pieces. So, instead of trying to market my crochet, what better alternative than to offer my crochet skills instead, to those who want to learn how to crochet, so others can make their own handmade items. 

Introducing The Crochet Club!

What you can expect as a member of the crochet club :

  • Private Facebook group setting
  • One hour live crochet tutorials each week. We will go over new stitches, new techniques, etc. I will be able to bring you on camera with me to try to troubleshoot any issues you have. 
  • Pre-recorded video of each new stitches/techniques.
  • Fun challenges each month 
  • Free pattern shares and suggestions
  • Exclusive discount to my shop
  • Best part – you never have to leave the house for this class or even get out of your PJs! 

Some of My Work

Some of you know me from my Facebook page, but if you’re here straight from Google or Pinterest, you may not. Here is some of my work to give you an idea of my skill level that I will be bringing to this crochet club. I am also a homeschool mama, so I’ve got 10+ years of teaching experience under my belt. That’s me in the beanie below. 😉 

crochet collage | rainbow crocodile booties | popcorn scrubbies | crochet headwrap | crochet beanie
crochet collage | crochet fox beanie | crochet sting ray amigurumi | crochet pig beanie | crochet baby shoes
crochet collage | crochet Christmas stocking | crochet llama | crocodile stitch | crochet baby bootie

“I want to learn how to crochet but, what’s it gonna cost me?”

The price for the class is $10.99 per month and will be a recurring monthly payment. Cancel anytime, no questions asked. I do encourage you to give crochet some time, as you may not grasp the skill right away. I know I didn’t. I threw down my hook and yarn too many times to count, but I persevered and finally taught myself the art of crochet. I will try my best to teach that skill to you. Just make sure you bring the patience. 😉 It will pay off if you give it your all. If you have any questions, just ask! If you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet and YouTube videos have not been much help, give my class a try! We’re gonna have a lot of fun! 

Sign Up Now and Join the Fun!!

Do You Have the Essentials??

essential crochet tools

Get a Head Start and Learn How to Chain Today!

Click the picture below to start practicing! 

how to make a beginning crochet chain

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  1. Karla Rusk

    you mentioned acrylic yarn 4…How do I know that the yarn is a number 4, like if I were to purchase the yarn at Walmart? Please and Thank you.

    1. JRandLBriska

      Look on the back of the label and there should be a picture of a yarn skein with a number on it. I’ll take a picture of one of my yarn skeins and add it to the post.

  2. Shannon

    Will your one hour lives be during the day or evenings? Will there be a set day and/or time?

    1. JRandLBriska

      I was going to do a poll in the group to see what would be best. If we have several different day/time preferences, I will most likely do it differently each week.

  3. Deborah

    If we miss the class we can watch it on replay correct? Also will you have them on YouTube ?

    1. JRandLBriska

      Yes, the live replays will be available in the group on Facebook. I will have prerecorded videos of different stitches/techniques on YouTube. The live replays will not be on YouTube however. ☺️

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