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How to Use Styrofoam for Christmas Crafts

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Got styrofoam? I’ve put together a fun list of ideas of how to use styrofoam for your Christmas crafting! Click the headings or the pictures to take you to the tutorials! 

1. Round Disc Christmas Ornaments

Have you seen those round styrofoam discs at the Dollar Tree and wondered what they were for or what you could use them for? As a creative, I’m sure you have. Here are two cute ideas for you to try! Did you know you can decoupage on styrofoam? Yep! Click on each picture below to see the tutorial for each! 

How stinking cute is this peppermint candy?! Made with that same round styrofoam disc! 

You know the styrofoam cones? Do you like to get two crafts out of one crafting element? Cut that bad boy in half and make two of these adorable fabric ruffle trees! How do you like that plaid on plaid, too!? You can get a set of plaid prints from Ms Jennifer Pugh’s shop >>HERE<< and enjoy 10% off your whole order! Click the heading or the picture to see the tutorial for this craft. 

Did you know they sell multiple sizes of styrofoam cones, too? The miniature ones make perfect gnome hats! Check out these adorable Christmas gnome ornaments! Click the photo or the heading to see the tutorial for this craft! 

Now, this craft doesn’t necessarily need a styrofoam ball, but there are advantages of using them for this craft. They are very light, so if you sell these, they ship cheaper, and they also don’t weigh down your tree limbs! Click >>HERE<< or the heading to see the tutorial for these! If you need styrofoam balls, get some >>HERE<<!

What about pinecones? If you have access to them, remove the pieces of it to use them for this tree idea! Again, you don’t necessarily need a styrofoam cone for this one, but it is the shape that you need. Styrofoam is typically cheaper than those cardboard cones, too. Click the heading or the picture to watch this tutorial. 

Another craft using the styrofoam balls are snowballs! I thought these snowballs needed a little something more, so I hung them inside of embroidery hoops! A craft that my friend, Hilde’ from Simple Abundance, made this past week inspired me to do so. These snowballs are made using diamond dust, which is crushed up glass, and foam beads. Click >>HERE<< or the heading to see the tutorial for these! 

Continuing with the styrofoam ball ideas is this very handsome yarn ball snowman! Isn’t he cute?! Click >>HERE<< or the heading to see this tutorial. 

Last up is yet another styrofoam ball idea! This one is too cool for school y’all! You gotta see it to understand how it’s made. Click >>HERE<< or the heading to see the tutorial. 


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Christmas styrofoam craft ideas

I hope this helps inspire you to incorporate styrofoam into your crafting! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by! God bless! 

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