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How to Transform your Kitchen Table into a Farmhouse Beauty!

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Do you have a dated kitchen table that you want to bring back to life? Maybe you want to start a business selling thrift flips! I’m showing you how to transform your kitchen table into a farmhouse beauty! 

wooden kitchen table top

My brother recently moved to FL, for which I’m still mad about ;), and he gifted me this kitchen table. It didn’t come with these chairs, those came from Goodwill, and you’ll never guess who found them for me. If you guessed my mama, you would be correct. Lol Now, we already had a table, but it is a larger rectangular one that needed to be moved out of our kitchen. It now sits in our dining room, right off the kitchen. This table was the perfect size for what I was looking for but I didn’t love the finish or the cushions on the chairs, and although the tabletop wasn’t too bad, it was screaming for a farmhouse makeover. 

wooden kitchen tabletop with chalk paint and chalk paintbrush sitting on top

After moving the table outside, I cleaned every surface to be painted, with hot soapy water. Once it was all cleaned, I started painting. I used a chalk paint in the color cancun blue and a chalk paint brush. 

starting to paint a kitchen table with chalk paint

Two coats is all this table needed. I roughly added the first coat not taking care to completely coat it as you can see in the above photo. The next coat, I was more intentional about coverage. I did let it dry for one hour in between coats. 

tabletop painted with chalk paint

After painting the tabletop, I had to decide what color to paint the edge around it. I planned on painting the chairs white, so I decided on white here also to tie it all together. Same process as the tabletop here. First coat rough cover, second coat, more complete coverage. 

painting a kitchen table with chalk paint

I made sure to paint the area underneath the tabletop edge as well. You can see the first coat rough coverage right here. 

painting a kitchen table with chalk paint

Here is a short video clip of me adding the second, more heavier coat of paint to the edge. 

After you apply your two coats of chalk paint, let your piece dry for a couple of hours. 

Next up! Sanding!

Here is another video clip of me sanding the tabletop. I sanded over any areas where I could see brush strokes. Then I hit all the edges. About halfway through, you will notice that I focus on certain spots on the tabletop. This is where I am bearing down on the sander to add distressed spots. The last thing I do is wipe the whole surface down with a damp towel. This will get rid of any dust particles because the next step is waxing or sealing. 

You can see here some spots where I sanded through the paint to add distressed places. 

distressed spots on a chalk painted tabletop

This is what my edges look like. I did this very same thing to the side of the tabletop that was painted white. 

sanded edges of a tabletop that was chalk painted

Last step is to seal your paint. I used wax for this project, but quickly realized that I needed a more durable sealer, since we will be using this table for eating. But for tutorial purposes, I will talk about the waxing process anyway. You can use wax on pieces that will not get a lot of heavy use. For a piece like this, you want to seal with a polycrylic. I’ll show you that process in another blog post. 

sealing the chalk painted furniture with wax

I used Waverly wax to seal this piece (before I realized my mistake). Make sure to use a lint free cloth for this process. Pour your wax onto your cloth and start to rub it into your piece using a circular motion. Do this to the whole piece. If you prefer the matte look to a wax finish, you can certainly use the wax on this piece of furniture. You would just have to be diligent about using coasters and placemats to protect your surface from high heat, as that will melt your wax and create lines and circles in your finish. 

kitchen table after painting it with chalk paint

Here is the finished table after waxing and letting it sit untouched for several days. There is also a sneak peek of the gorgeous chairs that will be in an upcoming blog post! Stay tuned! 

I do hope that you found this tutorial helpful. I am not an expert on furniture refinishing, but I am always learning. Each time I learn something new, I love to share it with you! Thank you for stopping by for a visit! 

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starting to paint a kitchen table with chalk paint
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