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How to Makeover a Dollar Tree Pumpkin

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Have you seen these pumpkins at your Dollar Tree yet? Don’t overlook them because they don’t fit your style. Change them up! Let me show you how to makeover a Dollar Tree pumpkin! 

Supplies Needed for this Project :

  • Dollar Tree pumpkin
  • Scrapbook paper
  • sticks 
  • mod podge
  • words (window clings)
  • twine
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • raffia

galvanized metal scrapbook paper for a pumpkin

Take the two pieces of the pumpkin apart. Trace them onto coordinating scrapbook papers. Cut them out. 

galvanized metal scrapbook paper for a pumpkin

I liked this galvanized metal print scrapbook paper for the larger piece. After adding the paper, using the mod podge, I wrapped the stem with twine. 

adding twine to a pumpkin stem

For the smaller pumpkin, I chose this wood look scrap book paper. 

Thanksgiving window

Next, I added words using window clings. These were also from Dollar Tree. Any fall words would work. This would be perfect on your dining room table at Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving window clings from the Dollar Tree

This crate was made with paint sticks and was adorable for this project. I added some moss to the bottom first to help the pumpkins stand up. 

After adding the words to the front pumpkin, I glued on a stick and tied a piece of raffia around it. 

I threw in a pinecone and another smaller pumpkin, also from Dollar Tree to finish off this piece! 

Doesn’t it look great?! 

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dollar tree makeover pin

Let me know what you think about this Dollar Tree makeover in the comments! Thank you for visiting my blog! 

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  1. Kathy

    What a great idea!! Those turned so cute!

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      Thank you friend!

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