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How to Make Your Own Candy Corn Decor

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Are you looking for a fun and affordable fall craft project for your home decor? Let me show you How to Make Your Own Candy Corn Decor using a few simple items! Make sure to check out our other Fall Diys while you’re here!

Supplied needed for this project:

  • Paper mache cones or styrofoam cones
  • White, yellow, and orange colored chunky yarns
  • Hot glue

The yarn I used came from Hobby Lobby and these are the colors that I used.

How to make your own candy corn decor pin image from My Eclectic Treasures

1. Start wrapping your cone with the white yarn

From the top down, start wrapping your cone with the white yarn. Add a drop of hot glue to attach the yarn, then start wrapping the yarn. Once you get about 1/4 of the way down, secure the white yarn with more glue, then cut your yarn.

someone holding a paper mache cone with the top wrapped in white yarn

If you’re using a styrofoam cone with a flat top, add hot glue to the center of the top and then start going in a circle until the top is covered. Once you finish covering the top, start wrapping the sides. Go about 1/3 of the way down, then cut and secure with hot glue.

2. Start wrapping the cone with the orange yarn

Once you’ve secured the white yarn to your cone, add a dab of hot glue where you ended the white yarn, and add the orange yarn. Then start wrapping the orange yarn around the middle of the cone.

3. Wrap the last part of the cone with the yellow yarn

Last up is the yellow yarn. After you cut your orange yarn and secure the end with hot glue, start adding the yellow yarn. Continue wrapping until you reach the end of the cone. Make sure to glue all around the very bottom edge so it secures your yarn to your cone. Once you cover the cone completely, cut your yarn.

a styrofoam cone that has been wrapped in candy corn colored yarns

4. Add more yarn for texture

I do love the simplicity of the one layer of yarn, but I decided to add some extra yarn for added texture. After securing a strand of each respective color of yarn to it’s section, kind of haphazardly wrap it around each section. I joined the end of the yarn to the beginning of the yarn using hot glue.

Do this to all three sections. Once you have wrapped all three, your candy corn is done!

someone adding extra yarn strips to a yarn candy corn for added texture

What do you think?

yarn candy corn decor by My Eclectic Treasures

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for How to Make Your Own Candy Corn and that it inspires you to make something similar for your home! Make sure to join our email family to keep up with us each week! God bless friends!

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How to make your own candy corn decor pin image from My Eclectic Treasures

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