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How to Make Sweet Potato Fries in the Air Fryer

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Are you looking for some healthier food options? Maybe you’re a potato lover, but want to cut out white carbs. Sweet potatoes are a great alternative and they are not just for the Thanksgiving holiday anymore! When we eat out at a steakhouse, we’ll order a baked sweet potato and have them top it like a regular white potato. We always get the sideways glance when we request that, but it’s sooo good! Sweet potato fries has become another new favorite side dish, but the precut frozen bags are tiny and expensive! We decided to make our own so I’m sharing how to make sweet potato fries in the air fryer! Yes, the air fryer! Yay!

Ingredients for Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries :

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Seasonings of your choice
  • Olive or coconut oil
  • Air fryer

First thing to do is peel your sweet potatoes. You can leave the skin if you want, and that will provide you with more fiber, but I decided these needed to be peeled. I use a quick peeler like you see in the picture below. I’ve been looking at some new veggie peelers on Amazon, though. But if you’re like my mama, she still peels her potatoes with a paring knife.

peeled sweet potatoes

Next step is to cut the potatoes in half.

sweet potatoes cut in half

Then you’re going to put them into your air fryer for five minutes on 400°. Cover them in your oil of choice first.

adding sweet potatoes to the air fryer after coating them with olive oil

The reason I do this step is to soften the potato a bit, because sweet potatoes are a little harder to cut. You can also do this in a microwave, but we do not own a microwave, so I’m giving the air fryer instructions instead.

sweet potato sliced into fries

Once you have your potatoes cut into fries, add them to a mixing bowl.

hand cut sweet potato fries in a measuring mixing bowl

Then you want to add seasonings of your choice. The ones I chose were, salt/pepper, onion and garlic powder, and everything bagel seasoning.

seasonings to add to sweet potato fries

Before adding your seasonings, drizzle your potatoes with your oil.

adding olive oil to cut sweet potato fries in a mixing bowl

Then pile on your seasonings. I probably added a couple tsp each of the seasonings above, but I honestly never measure.

seasonings added to sweet potato fries in a mixing bowl

Toss them to give them a good coating.

sweet potato fries with olive oil and seasonings added and mixed up in a mixing bowl

Add them to your air fryer basket. Cook them on 390° for 12 minutes.

sweet potato fries added to an air fryer basket

These were the absolute best tasting sweet potato fries that I’ve ever had. No frozen store bought ones have ever been this good. Yum!!

sweet potato fries made in the air fryer

sweet potato fries made in the air fryer

sweet potato fries on a plate with greek yogurt to dip them

sweet potato fries made in the air fryer

I hope you like the sound of this recipe and that you will try it for yourself! Let us know in the comments if you do to tell us what you thought! Also, make sure to join our email family to keep up with what we’re up to each week! God bless friends!

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