How to Make Simple Flowers out of Fabric

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Are you looking for a way to make some really easy faux flowers? It honestly doesn’t get much easier than this. Keep scrolling to see How to Make Simple Flowers using only a needle and thread, and a strip of burlap fabric. Make sure sure to check out our other Burlap Crafts while you’re here!

Supplies needed for this DIY:

  • 1-2 inch wide strips of fabric (8-12 inches long)
  • Thread, string, or thin twine
  • A darning needle size appropriate for whatever string you’re using
  • Buttons
  • Greenery
  • Hot glue or fabric glue
  • Scissors

1. Choose and cut your fabric

I’m using burlap and I’ve cut it into strips about 10 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

a long strip of burlap laying on a table

2. Thread your needle

The needle that you use will depend on the fabric that you have. I’m using burlap, so I’m able to use this larger darning needle which is typically used in crochet. It’s especially easy to use twine with these type needles, which is what I’m using here.

a hand holding a plastic darning needle with twine threaded through it with a piece of burlap in the background on a table

3. Create a running stitch

Basically, what you will do is make a running stitch along one of the long edges of your fabric. 

a hand holding a piece of burlap fabric with a plastic needle going in and out of one edge of it

a long piece of burlap with twine sewn into one of the long edges laying on a table

4. Gather your fabric

Once you’ve run your stitch all the way down, you will then start to gather your fabric to create a ruffle. Tie a knot in one end of the string to prevent it from slipping out. Hold the other end and start to push the fabric towards the knotted end. 

someone holding a rounded piece of burlap

The fabric will start to pucker or ruffle and will curve into a circle.

a hand holding a flower shaped piece of burlap

5. Tie the ends of your twine to secure

Once you have it as tight as you can get it, tie the ends together. 

a hand holding some twine that has been tied onto a piece of burlap

6. Trim the fabric flower edges

You may have to trim the short ends of the fabric as you can see below to make them both match up.

someone holding a rounded piece of burlap that has sharp edges that need to be cut

That will be easy to do once they are tied together. 

a hand holding a piece of rounded burlap

7. Glue the two ends of the fabric together

There will be a gap left where the two ends meet, and you can leave that if you want or glue it together. I used a small dab of hot glue for my burlap, but you could also use fabric glue for regular fabrics. 

a hand holding a burlap flower that has the ends glued together

8. Add embellishments

Last, just add some embellishments to your flower. I added a button to the center of mine.

someone holding a button to the center of a burlap flower

Then I added some leaves to the back. Don’t toss the greenery from your floral picks. I save all of mine and use them for projects like this. 

a burlap flower with green leaves on the back laying facedown on a table

Enjoy your new flowers!

I hope this tutorial helped you learn how to make simple flowers. There are a lot of ways to make flowers, so this is only one way, but they are pretty cute, if I say so myself! I hope you will join our email family so we can keep up with each other every week!

two burlap flowers laying on a black floral background. One has leaves the other one doesn't. How to make simple flowers tutorial

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how to make simple burlap flowers by My Eclectic Treasures - a picture of two burlap flowers on a black floral background

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