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How to Make an Embroidery Hoop Winter Wreath

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Are you looking for winter ideas for your home that don’t break the bank? Here is a simple idea that will look great in any home or decor style! You could also use it year round if you choose the right greenery. Keep reading to learn how to make an embroidery hoop winter wreath.

Supplies needed to make this wreath :

  • Three different sized embroidery hoops
  • Half wood beads in three different sizes
  • Greenery of your choice
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Zip ties
  • Hot glue, wire cutters, and scissors
  • Optional : EZ Bow Maker, wood glue

Step one : Attach your embroidery hoops to each other

The size hoops that I used for this project were 10″, 8″, and 4″. First, take your two smallest hoops and line them up where the metal closures are on top of each other. Use a zip tie to attach them together.

attaching two embroidery hoops together using a zip tie

Once you get the first two attached, line up your third and largest hoop and attach that to the others using another zip tie.

attaching a third embroidery hoop to a set of two embroidery hoops to make a wreath

Now take your wire cutters and clip the extra zip tie off. On a side note, I feel like this is such a waste. Have you figured out a use for the leftover plastic from your zip ties? I’m such a craft hoarder. Lol

using wire cutters to clip the ends of the zip ties holding embroidery hoops together

Step two : Add half beads to your hoops

Once your three hoops are attached, start to add wood half beads to the bottom third of the hoops only. You could attach them all the way around, but that will use a lot of beads and it will end up hiding your hoops. I want people to know I used embroidery hoops, so I choose to only cover a small section. Plus, I think it just looks neat! What do you think? Will you cover the whole hoop? Make it your own is one of my mottos!

adding half wood beads to the bottom edge of an embroidery hoop

The size beads that I used for this project were 25mm, 20mm, and 15mm. You can get some of these half beads on Amazon >>HERE<<. Continue adding the beads to your second hoop. I just used hot glue. You could use wood glue, they will just take longer to dry, but will be more permanent.

adding half wood beads to the bottom edge of an embroidery hoop

Add your smallest beads to the smallest hoop and that part is finished. This is a very easy project!

adding half wood beads to the smallest hoop of a winter wreath

Step three : Make a greenery swag

My base greenery was this evergreen pick that came off some floral from the Dollar General. Usually they will have some really nice seasonal greenery right in front when you walk in the door, so don’t forget to look there the next time you’re at the DG! Of course, you can get greenery at any craft store though. Hobby Lobby is my favorite craft store to get it at. Where do you get yours?

using winter greenery to make a swag for a winter wreath

I just kept stacking different pieces of greenery. Three different kinds was all that I used and it all came from the DG, believe it or not. They have definitely started offering more quality items and I like it because it’s literally right down the road from my house. Lol Do you have Dollar Generals where you are?

adding more greenery to a swag for a winter wreath

After you add all the greenery that you would like, use a zip tie to hold it all together.

using a zip tie to hold some greenery together for a swag that's going on a winter wreath

Step four : Make your bow

I used the EZ bowmaker to make my bow. You might be able to make one without it, and so can I, I just choose to use this in a pinch when I’m not feeling so crafty and just need a shortcut.

making a bow using the EZ bow maker

My bow loops were four inches long and I created three on each side plus tails. After finishing with the EZ bow maker, I slid the bow off and used a zip tie to secure it. Afterwards, I dovetailed the ends of the tails.

using a zip tip tie to secure a bow together

Step five : Put it all together

You would think that I would have used a zip tie for this next step, but I decided to use glue instead. You can use whatever you like of course. I glued the bow onto the top of the greenery swag, because I didn’t want it too bulky with all those zip ties.

Gluing a bow to a greenery swag that is going on a winter wreath

Now for this last step, I did use a zip tie again and I’ll tell you why! The embroidery hoops by itself can be used year round. All you have to do is cut off your bow/swag and attach something else for the next holiday! I just love a versatile piece of decor! This is especially helpful when you don’t have a lot of storage space for seasonal decor!

zip tying a greenery swag and bow to a winter wreath made with embroidery hoops

How pretty this is?! Right?!

Oh, I almost forgot, I did add a ribbon hanger to the back of the largest embroidery hoop for hanging!

embroidery hoop wreath on a front door

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embroidery hoop wreath on a front door

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and it inspires you to make something like it for your home! Make sure to join our email family so you can keep up with what we’re up to! God bless friend!

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cardboard cone from Hobby Lobby

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