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How to Make a Snowman out of Raffia

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If you are looking for a unique snowman craft idea, like this Embroidery Hoop Snowman, let me show you a fun technique; How to Make a Snowman out of Raffia! Make sure to check out our other Christmas Crafts while you’re here!

Supplies needed for this project :

  • Raffia
  • A jar or other cylindrical container
  • Hot glue
  • miniature Jenga blocks
  • small wooden cubes from dollar tree
  • Ribbon
  • Greenery
  • Black paint
  • Scissors

1. Wrap Raffia Around Jar

Grab a handful of raffia and smooth it out as best as you can. Then you want to wrap your raffia around a jar or paint bottle. The size of your circle will depend on the size of the jar that you use and the amount of raffia.

You want to begin to tie your raffia onto the container.

Continue wrapping and tying your raffia until you get almost to the very end.

You can see below how I have tied it twice now.

You are going to do that one more time.

Now you want to slide the raffia off of your container.

2. Create the Raffia Snowman Body Part

Start to wrap each end of the raffia around the raffia circle.

It helps to contain the raffia and creates a cleaner circle.

Once you reach the end of the raffia, use hot glue to secure it.

You can see here how these other ones were tied so you could do that as well. I was trying to recreate these raffia circles, so I just went with hot glue.

3. Connect the Two Body Pieces

Once you’ve created two different sized raffia circles, you will connect them together.

I used a lark’s head knot to do this. Then I continued wrapping the raffia around.

Once you reach the end of the raffia, use hot glue to secure.

Your raffia snowman body is complete! Now you can decorate him how ever you want!

4. Decorate the Snowman

I used Jenga blocks and wooden cubes to create a flat-ish hat. Glue the pieces together with hot glue.

Then I painted it black. Afterwards, I added a red ribbon and some greenery.

Using the hot glue, add it to the top of the snowman.

Last, I added greenery and a bow to the neck of the snowman. I added it to this adorable round box that I decorated to match!

What do y’all think about my raffia snowman?!

I hope you liked this Christmas craft and that it inspires you to create your own raffia snowmen for your Christmas home decor! Make sure to join our email so we can keep in touch.

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