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How to Make a Scrap Wood Sign for Spring

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Bring some Spring to your home decor with a “new” Spring sign! Keep reading to learn How to Make a Scrap Wood Sign for Spring! Make sure to check out our other Spring Diys While you’re here!

Supplies needed for this project :

  • Piece of scrap wood
  • Sander or sanding block
  • Acrylic or chalk paint in white
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Spring stencil
  • Stencil brush

1. Remove any Exposed Nails

We have a lot of pallet wood, so that is what we’re using for this spring sign. If there are exposed nails, make sure to remove those with a hammer or cut them off. I left these nails because they were not exposed and I liked the added detail. If you need help with nail removal, keep reading.

a piece of scrap wood laying on a table

How Do You Remove Nails from Wood?

There are several different methods for nail removal. This Handy Guide will show you exactly how to do this easily and safely.

2. Sand the Piece of Scrap Wood

You don’t have to sand the wood, but it will help when adding your stencil. A smoother surface will render a tighter seal so your paint won’t bleed under your stencil. This can be done with an electric sander or a sanding block. Don’t forget the edges! Just makes it look nicer.

a lightly sanded piece of scrap wood laying on a table with a sander sitting beside it

3. White Wash the Scrap Wood

The next thing to do after sanding is to white wash using either acrylic or chalk paint. I went with chalk paint. See my notes below on what paints are best to use.

someone adding a thin coat of white chalk paint to a piece of scrap wood

I use a chip paint brush or pastry brush because it has uneven bristles. Dip the brush into the paint, wipe off the excess paint, then apply to the wood. You don’t want a full coverage, just a “dusting” like you see below. At least this is the way I like it.

a piece of scrap wood that has been white washed with the paint sitting beside it

4. Cut and Apply Your Stencil

If you have a Silhouette or Cricut cutting machine, you can create your own single use stencil using stencil vinyl. This is what I did but I’ve also given alternatives below if you don’t want to use a stencil.

a piece of scrap wood with a stencil sticker added to it in preparation for painting.

5. Apply Paint to Your Scrap Wood

After your stencil is applied, use black paint or another darker paint of your choice to color the wood exposed through your stencil. As soon as you’re finished adding your paint, go ahead and start pulling off your stencil. If you’re using a single use stencil, toss it. If you’re using a multiple use stencil, make sure to wash it off in cool soapy water and store it properly.

someone adding black paint to a piece of scrap wood that has a stencil on it and then removing the stencil

What Paint is Best for Wood Signs?

I prefer chalk paint when I’m going to use a vinyl stencil or vinyl decal on a wood sign. The chalk paint has a flatter finish and the vinyl will adhere to it much better than the acrylic. If you are using a mylar stencil, either paint will work fine. Just make sure you are using an appropriate stencil brush and not a round foam brush.

6. Allow to Dry then Dry Brush Letters

Once your paint is dry, use your same brush that you used for the white paint to apply a very faint dusting of the white paint over the black letters. I like the look this renders.

a scrap wood sign for spring with other spring decor around it made by My Eclectic Treasures

And then you’re ready to add it to your spring decor! I added it to our front porch and I’m still working on this area so these pictures show an incomplete vignette, but I will update with finished pictures when I have completed my front porch decor! I hope that you enjoyed learning How to Make a Scrap Wood Sign for Spring and that it inspires you to make something similar for your spring home decor! Make sure to join our email family so we can keep in touch!

How Do You Make Wooden Signs without Stencils?

If you don’t have access to stencils or stencil vinyl, you can still make signs like this one. Here are a couple of projects using alternatives to stencils that you might enjoy!

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