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How to Make a Lamb’s Ear Wreath

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So, I love farmhouse decor! The farmhouse style is so very trendy right now. But affording it can get a little tricky. Don’t get me wrong, a stroll through Home Goods or Marshall’s is a favorite past time of mine, and often I walk out with several new pieces. However, to avoid walking out with the store, and having divorce papers waiting for me when I get home, if I see something that I want, but I can’t afford it, I’ll try to make it myself. I’ll wager a bet that that is why you’re here. 😉 So, I’m sharing my tutorial on how to make a lamb’s ear wreath. Brand new, this type of farmhouse wreath can carry a price tag upwards of $100. I show you how to make one for less than $15! Woot! 

Supplies needed to make your wreath:

  • 6 – Lamb’s ear leaf bunches – mine came from Walmart for $2/bunch 
  • 1 – Lavender floral pick – this also came from Walmart
  • Handmade cotton or you could use purchased cotton – I’m including the tutorial link for how to make your own cotton as well. 
  • Pipe cleaners – I used white
  • Hot glue gun and glue – I’ve linked to the one I’m using in the video
  • Wire cutter

How to make a lamb's ear wreath

First, I started off by connecting my bunches to each other with the pipe cleaners (which were cut into thirds, by the way). I laid each one on top of the last, placing each bunch right below the one before. This was continued until all 12 of my individual stems were connected. As I was connecting each stem, I curved my wreath into a circular shape. Once all bunches were added, I connected the last bunch to the first bunch with additional pipe cleaners. My wreath was then turned over and I removed the ends of the pipe cleaners with a wire cutter. Next, I added about six lavender stems and three pieces of cotton. Click >>HERE<< to see how to make your own cotton. Last thing I did was twist my lamb’s ear and fluffed and shaped my wreath to my liking! 

My lamb’s ear wreath is sitting atop our blanket ladder in our living room. 

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