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How to Make a Felt Rose

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Want to learn how to make your own flowers for craft projects? It’s honestly so simple! I first saw my friend Agnes do this and I haven’t stopped making flowers yet! Let me show you how to make a felt rose!

Supplies needed for this DIY :

  • Felt in color of your choice
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

The star of this show is none other than simple felt! I was able to find this roll at the Dollar Tree!

Red felt roll from the Dollar Tree

I cut my red felt into squares and rectangles.

Then I rounded off the corners to make a circular shape, or an oval shape. You just don’t want those sharp corners.

Next, I started cutting into my circle and continued in a pinwheel cut.

After your pinwheel is made, start with the beginning of your cut and start rolling up your felt.

Continue rolling. Make sure that you are lining up the outer edge of the felt as this will be the back of your rose. The top of your rose should have what appears to be natural waves such that you might see in a real rose.

I usually place glue at the very beginning, once or twice more throughout and then glue again at the end to secure your “petals”.

When you cut your pinwheel shape, if you cut that last little bit into a small circle shape, it should cover the bottom of the rose very well as seen below.

Your felt rose is then complete! You can use these in place of traditional artificial flowers for all kinds of projects! See some of the projects made with these flowers below!

two roses made out of red felt

Make this gorgeous felt rose heart wreath!

a heart made out of felt roses on an embroidery hoop with a bow, a hanger, and scrabble letters

How about this adorable fall candy corn!!

felt swirl flowers candy corn #candycorndiy

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I hope you enjoyed this DIY and that you will use it to create all kinds of flowers for your projects! Make sure to join our email family so you know what we’re up to each week!

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