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How to Make a Felt Carrot Pin

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Are you looking for that little something extra to add to your Easter attire? Do you love carrots and decorating with carrots? How about a carrot lapel pin?! If you’re like me, you still love to wear seasonal pins. To some it is a thing of the past, but I still think it’s a nice conversation piece when you’re around other people. Let me show you how to make a felt carrot pin using felt stickers from the Dollar Tree!

Step one: Remove the adhesive

On the back of these felt carrots is a small adhesive circle for use as a sticker.

a hand holding a felt carrot sticker with the back facing up and the sticky adhesive circle showing

But we don’t need that, so just pull that right off. Should be simple to remove, at least mine were.

a hand removing the sticky adhesive circle from a felt carrot sticker

Step two : Prep your pin

If you don’t already have pins, you can get them on Amazon >>HERE<<. Some are all metal, while others have a sticker attached. Mine have the sticky bar. Instead of trying to remove that piece, I’m just going to remove the cover to the sticky part and will use it as is for extra stability.

a small pile of craft lapel pins laying on a white surface

Next, you will add your super glue. I like this Gorilla super glue gel. It does not run and it’s permanent, but you don’t have to stick it to the surface right away like hot glue.

a bottle of Gorilla brand super glue laying on a table beside a felt carrot sticker

You could also use hot glue for this step.

a hand holding a craft lapel pin that has had super glue added to the back of it

Step three: Add the pin to your carrot

After you add the glue, place the pin onto the back of the carrot as close to the top as you can. If you are making a pin using something else, place the pin horizontal so it will be better balanced.

two felt carrot stickers with a craft lapel pin added to the back laying on a white table

Step four: Enjoy your new carrot pin!

Enjoy it all spring and let it be a conversation piece in the checkout line at the grocery store!

A felt carrot pin shown pinned on a shirt

Look how sweet it is on my raise kind humans shirt!

a lady showing where she has a felt carrot pin attached to her shirt

It’s something simple and I love simple things to make people smile. This diy is so easy and you could make one for every lady in your family for their accessory bin! I hope you liked learning how to make a felt carrot pin and that you will try something like it for yourself! It doesn’t have to be a carrot either. Whatever it is that you find that would fit on a pin can become a pin! Don’t forget to join our email family!

Save this simple felt carrot pin diy for later! Pin it! No pun intended. Lol

an image of a woman showing a felt carrot pin that is attached to her shirt with the words Carrot Pin Diy at the top and the words My Eclectic Treasures at the bottom

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