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How to Make a Chunky Yarn Tassel Tree

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I love decorating for Christmas, but we haven’t always had a lot of room for extras. Our previous home was only 1500 sq. ft. With six children, not a lot of room for extras. So, when we moved to our farmhouse, we finally had space to stretch out. So you know what I did.. I started filling it up! Ha! And a couple of years ago at Christmas time, it was Christmas trees that I went crazy about. I don’t mean full size trees, but we had several of those, too. That year we counted 60 trees in all. That was completely exhausting and I’ll probably never do that again. Hahaha! This DIY is going to show you How to Make a Chunky Yarn Tassel Tree to add to your collection!

Supplies Needed for this Project :

When you’re in Goodwill or your local thrift shops, always check the frame aisle! Specifically for the frames that have no backing or glass. Those are going to be the cheapest ones. I have found some amazing frames for little to nothing because they didn’t include the backing or the glass. Frames like that are perfect for this type of project! 

adding burlap to a piece of cut foam board for a background in a frame

If you don’t have a backing for your frame, cut a piece of foam board that will fit into your frame. Also, cut a piece of burlap or whatever your background will be just a few inches larger than your backing. I used hot glue to attach the overlapped burlap to the back of the backing.

burlap backing for a frame

I think it looks pretty darn good if you ask me. Lol Well, from the front anyway. You could also cover the back of the frame with black felt to finish it off. 

inserting the burlap backing into a frame

Once you have your backing covered, you can add it to your frame and use your hot glue to affix it permanently or use the existing tabs. This one had tabs, so that was convenient. 

Let’s Start Building the Tree!

adding a stick for a tree trunk onto a burlap background

A stick from our yard is what I used for the trunk of this tree. I love using natural elements in my crafting! Can you say free crafting supplies?! 

making tassels with chunky yarn

Next up! The tassels! I used a rectangular piece of flexible shipping foam to make my tassels. Any flat square or rectangular piece will work. I wrapped it about 10 times with the chunky yarn. If you’re using thinner yarn, you will want to wrap it more times. See a video tassel tutorial >>HERE<<

making tassels with chunky yarn

After wrapping the yarn, slide another piece of yarn under your wraps and tie it.  

making tassels with chunky yarn

Turn it over and cut the other end of the wraps. 

making tassels with chunky yarn

Add the tails, from where you tied the one side, since you won’t be hanging this tassel, to the rest of your tassel. Take another piece of yarn and tie it around the top third of your tassel to create your tassel head. Cut the bottom of the tassel to even it up. You should end up with what you see below. 

a chunky yarn tassel

After you make your tassels, you’ll need 10 for this one, start gluing them onto the burlap. Start at the bottom, slightly covering the stick trunk. 

adding chunky yarn tassels to a burlap frame to make a tassel tree

I used four for the bottom of this tree. After laying them out to see exactly where I wanted them, I glued them down one at a time. 

adding chunky yarn tassels to a burlap frame to make a tassel tree

How sweet already!! 

adding chunky yarn tassels to a burlap frame to make a tassel tree

My next layer was three tassels, barely covering the tops of the tassels below. 

adding chunky yarn tassels to a burlap frame to make a tassel tree

You see where this is going, right? Lol Two tassels next. 

Last one added to the top! But it needed something…

adding chunky yarn tassels to a burlap frame to make a tassel tree

There it is! A black and white gingham bow for the win! Come on now. You know that’s cute. Lol 

adding a gingham ribbon to the top tassel of a chunky yarn tassel tree

How adorable is this tree?! I can see this in green, too! Did you enjoy this tassel tree DIY? Will you make one? Let me know in the comments below! We love to hear from you! 

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Christmas tree made with chunky yarn tassels

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black and white Christmas tree

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christmas tree diy projectss

Here is another fun tassel tree idea!

Ms Agnes from Just That Perfect Piece created this simple tassel tree! She has all the steps with included pictures over on her >>BLOG<<!

tree made out of yarn tassels and a wooden skewer made by Just That Perfect Piece

Thanks again for visiting our blog! God bless friend! 

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