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How to Get Creative with Picture Frames!

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Do you have a stash of frames collecting dust? Create with them! I’ve made sooo many things using frames! I’m highlighting several of those projects here plus some from my crafting friends! Let me show you how to get creative with picture frames!

1. Side Table

We deconstructed this frame that we found at a yard sale, added some wooden spindles and some wooden planks, and voila! We have a table! Watch me and the wood guy (my hubby) make this fun table together >>HERE<<!

a table made from a frame and some wooden spindles and wood planks

2. Pedestal Frames

The first time I saw a pedestal frame was at Homegoods I think. Of course I thought to myself, I can make that. Lol Well, don’t you think that way, too? Hehe And well, I did. Two actually. I made a coordinating set! Watch this VIDEO to see how I did it!

Pedestal frames made with frames and candle sticks

3. Monogram Door Hanger Frame

This gorgeous door hanger was made by Ms Darra over at Lattice & Lace : Diy Creations and Designs. She made it live on her Facebook page and you can see a replay of that live >>HERE<<!

A fall monogrammed front door hanger made with a frame,  a wooden letter and some flowers

4. Jewelry Organizer

This useful tool was made with a frame and some chicken wire! Yes, chicken wire! I have two of these this size because they are so great at keeping my jewelry at eye level for me and outside of a box. I love being able to just quickly choose my earrings and go! >>TUTORIAL<<

a jewelry organizer made from a frame and some chicken wire

5. Floating Heart Frame

This beauty was made by Ms Yvonne from Southern Designs & Finds! I love how the heart is just hanging in the open frame! This is perfect for those frames that are missing the backing and glass! If you can find a frame that is missing the glass, those are usually the cheapest ones at the thrift stores! But look what you can make! See the video tutorial for this project >>HERE<<!

a heart inside of a frame with a decorative swag across the top

6. Plaid on Plaid Christmas Tree Frame

I made this fun plaid on plaid Christmas tree frame during our Christmas in July event last summer. Instead of using a plain flat background like a canvas or board, use a frame to show off your creations! I love how this one turned out and you can watch me put it together >>HERE<<!

a red plaid christmas tree inside of a brass colored frame with a green plaid background

7. Tiered Tray Made from Frames

This one was fun! It’s two rectangular frames turned into a unique tiered tray! I used a tablecloth inside the frames for the surfaces! It was meant for fall, but I put my pumpkins away and I’m still using it in our dining room right now. lol Watch me make it >>HERE<<!

a tiered tray made using two frames

8. Lantern Made from Frames

How cute is this project created by Ms Amanda with Amanda Made?! She makes these decor pieces that mimic siding and what you might see on the outside of your home so you can bring them indoors to enjoy! She created the lantern for this one using frames from the Dollar Tree! Genius, right?! Watch her magic >>HERE<< on her live replay.

a wall hanging made to look like house siding with a lantern made out of Dollar Tree frames

9. Farm Fresh Pumpkin Frame

This has to be my favorite frame that I’ve ever owned! I found it at a yard sale for $2 and turned it into a fall decor piece using Dollar Tree items! I’ve included all the steps for this adorable project right >>HERE<<!

a pumpkin inside of a wooden frame with the words farm fresh added as well as some moss

10. Framed Wooden Heart

Our friend, Ms Agnes, with Just That Perfect Piece, made this sweet framed Valentine’s piece! She even hand lettered the word Love which I think is the very best part of it! It gives it the perfect personal touch! Watch her make it on her video replay >>HERE<<!

a frame with a heart inside with the word love written above it

11. Framed Junk Christmas Tree

Got a junk drawer?? Then you can make this fun framed piece! It doesn’t have to be a Christmas tree either! You can make a junk heart, a junk pumpkin, etc! Again, another use for your frames that you don’t typically see! This is definitely one of my favorites! Watch me build it >>HERE<<!

a frame with a tree on it made out of junk pieces on a burlap background

12. Framed Candy Corn Wagon

Literally I could just keep adding these type projects! An old unused frame is the perfect backdrop and brings so much character to an otherwise bland border. If I had made this same Candy Corn project on a flat piece of wood or a canvas, it would have taken on a whole different feel, don’t you think? See how we made this cute wagon and candy corn >>HERE<<!

a candy corn wagon inside of a thrifted frame for fall decor

13. Pin Board DIY

I created this pin board to go in our bedroom using a thrifted frame, some burlap, some batting, and these wooden Mr. and Mrs. pieces. I made this as a challenge alongside my friend, Hilde’ from Crafting at Hilde’s Farmhouse during >>this split screen live<<!

black and burlap pin board made from a framed clock with Ms and Mrs added to it for a bedroom wall

14. Farmhouse Vintage Kitchen Frame

During that same split screen, Hilde’ made this adorable vintage kitchen piece using two different sized frames! How adorable are those red handles?! Here is that >>Live Replay<< again if you missed it above.

a kitchen frame with vintage red handled utensils added

I hope you can see now that frames are not just for pictures anymore! They can be used for so much more! I hope this gave you some ideas for the frames you might have in your stash or for that pretty frame you find in Goodwill that you just can’t live without! Create something unique with it! If you like what you see here, make sure to sign up for our free emails each week to keep up with what we have going on!

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