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How to Create an Adorable Christmas Tree with Dots!

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Do you have an old frame in your craft stash? Frames are always a good base for lots of creations. If you still have the backing, even better, but it’s not absolutely necessary. You can always use foam board or even cardboard. I’ve listed below the supplies you need to make an adorable Christmas tree with paper dots! 

Supplies Needed for this DIY :

  • Thrifted frame
  • Backing, cardboard or foam board
  • Christmas sheet music
  • Copy paper (optional)
  • Copier/printer (optional)
  • Antique wax or brown paint
  • Mod podge or white glue
  • Diamond dust
  • 1 inch circle punch
  • Christmas themed scrapbook paper
  • A star
  • Raffia 
  • Buttons
  • gold paint
Christmas sheet music

If you have an old Church hymnal, look for the Christmas music pages. You can make copies of these so you don’t ruin the original hymnal page. I enlarged a copy of Joy to the World for this project. 

crumbling up sheet music to age it

Then I took out all my stress on that copy and wadded it up! Lol 

crumbled up sheet music

Check out those beautiful wrinkles! Ha! If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m trying to age it. 

adding mod podge to a frame back to add sheet music to it

Next, we’re gonna add it to the back of the frame. I use mod podge for this step. You can use regular white glue for this, also. Just brush it across the entire surface of the backing. 

adding sheet music to frame back

Afterwards, press the sheet music onto the frame back.

adding antique wax to sheet music to age it

To age it further, I use a bit of antique wax and brush it across the wrinkles to accent them. 

aged sheet music

Looks pretty old to me! What do you think??

tracing a Christmas tree shape onto aged sheet music

Now, I’m going to trace a triangle shape onto the sheet music to begin my tree! 

Christmas scrapbook paper packs

Afterwards, I chose several different sheets of scrapbook paper to punch my circles out of. 

paper circle punch

This is the circle punch that I use. I got it from Hobby Lobby. 

adding paper circles to the sheet music in a tree shape

After punching all my circles out, I started randomly adding them to my triangular shape, making sure to cover my pencil lines. 

adding paper circles to the sheet music in a tree shape
adding a star to a paper circle tree

I decided on this gold star for the top. 

adding buttons to a Christmas tree

Then I added some iridescent buttons to give it an even further vintage feel.  

adding diamond dust to a Christmas project

Of course we had to add some diamond dust to the sheet music area. This took it to the next level for sure! 

adding the backing to the frame

Then I added the frame back to the frame and secured it! 

adding a raffia bow to a Christmas tree project

Last up, we added a green raffia bow and tinted the frame a gold shade! 

Christmas tree made with paper dots

Look how gorgeous this is!! 

Christmas tree made with paper dots

I did add that pearl to the bow, too! Let me know what you think! 

Christmas tree made with paper dots

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