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How to Create a Unique Placemat Bunny

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Do you have any of those round placemats in your stash? If so, you can make this unique bunny sign. Originally, I intended for my bunny to have a face, but my vision just wasn’t coming together, so I decided to make something inspirational with it instead! 

The first thing I did was find a couple pieces of cardboard and drew out a bunny ear onto one of them. I then cut that out and traced it onto the other piece of cardboard and cut.  

draw bunny ears onto cardboard for placemat bunny sign

Once both were cut, I placed them onto the backside of my fabric, traced, and then cut them out of the fabric. This fabric came from Walmart. It’s a gorgeous spring print. 

cardboard bunny ears

Next, I used mod podge onto the cardboard ears to adhere the fabric to them. 

Once my fabric was applied to the cardboard, I lined them both with twine. 

Now, Let's Work on the Placemats!

Sandwich the two placemats together and run a bead of hot glue around the outside edge of the inside. Press down to secure and continue gluing all the way around until you have a small opening left. 

gluing together two placemats to make a bunny

Start stuffing your placemats when you just have a small opening left. Don’t close it up after stuffing, because you’ll be adding your ears to the inside as well. 

stuffing two placemats that have been glued together

Insert one of your ears into the opening and glue it down onto the bottom placemat. Then add more glue onto the top of the ear and press down the top placemat to close it up. Do this to the other ear, then close up the rest of the placemat. 

After the bunny ears were secure, I added a jute rope around the border of the placemat. 

adding jute rope around the border of the placemat

Originally, I had intended for my bunny to have a face, but the vision I had for this project just wasn’t coming together for me. I decided instead to find a calendar image to attach to the front instead. This is where the unique comes in. Lol Bet you’ll never see another project exactly like this one! 

cardboard sign that says enjoy the journey

Basically, I cut a circle out of an image and a piece of carboard, mod podged the image onto the cardboard and lined it with twine. Tada! Instant centerpiece! Ha!

I used hot glue to secure it to the front of my placemat bunny pillow, then added a pom pom to the bottom corner as sort of like a bunny tail. 

It's Definitely Unique, Right?! Lol

I finished it off by adding this re-fabbed bow to one of the ears! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on How to Create a Unique Placemat Bunny!

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If you make something like this and add a face to yours, please be sure to share it with me, because I really wanted to add a face! Lol Either way, I like how it turned out and that it is uniquely my own! Let me know what you think and I welcome your critiques!

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