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How to Block Your Crochet Projects

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Did you make a beautiful crochet project, but it turned out crooked, wavy, or wonky? Keep reading to learn how to block in crochet. Which is the term used to remedy the above issues. It’s really easy, I promise!

Maybe your project looks a little like mine did. But I have the secret ingredient ready to share with you! It’s water! Ha! I told you it would be easy! Didn’t I? Lol

Place your entire project into the sink or a large bowl if you don’t want to use your sink. Get the whole thing soaking wet.

Next, you’ll squeeze out all the excess water.

Lay your piece onto a dry towel and start stretching it out.

Make sure to stretch out all the tiny, intricate parts of your doily or project. If you want, you can spray it with a little starch, but if you want your piece to stay soft, just let the water work it’s magic.

Once you get it all stretched out, here is the very hardest part. Wait. For probably hours or even overnight. Resist the urge to pick it up and move it before it’s completely dry. Once it’s dry, you will be able to move it and place it wherever you want it.

Yep! It’s really that simple!

I hope this how-to was helpful for you! Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for stopping by my blog! ☺️

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