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How to Add Texture to a Decoupaged Jar using Only Paint!

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Do you want your napkins to blend better on your glass jar projects? Let me show you How to Add Texture to a Decoupaged Jar using only paint! Make sure to check out our other Recycled Glass Jar Projects while you’re here!

Supplies Needed for this Project :

  • Recycled glass jar
  • Chalk paint
  • A round sponge brush

1. Remove the Jar’s Label

This step doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck if you follow these simple instructions. Once your jar label has been removed, make sure to wipe the surface with alcohol prior to painting.

an empty recycled glass food jar sitting on a table

2. Add First Coat of Paint

Typically when using chalk paint on glass, a lot of times you can get away with one coat of paint. I like to do at least two coats of paint for this process for even more added texture. Your first coat does not even have to cover completely.

someone painting a jar with white chalk paint with a round sponge brush

The 2nd coat (which renders the texture) will be applied using the sponge brush, so I just go ahead and use the sponge brush to apply the first coat as shown. No sense in using two different brushes. But if you like your paint coverage nice and thick, go ahead and use a traditional chalk paint brush for your first coat but it truly is not necessary.

a glass jar with one coat of paint added to it

3. Add Texture with 2nd Coat of Paint

Now for the fun part. You’re going to apply the paint with the same sponge brush but you’re going to apply it differently than the first coat.

a glass jar being painted with chalk paint using a sponge brush

Instead of dragging your paintbrush across the surface of the jar, you are going to use pounce motions. This will create the texture on your jar, similar to how they apply popcorn ceilings.

a recycled glass jar that has had texture added to it with white paint

4. Decoupage Jar with a Napkin or Print

After your painted jar is dried, one great idea is to decoupage a napkin around it. That process is super simple and you can see exactly how to do that right >>HERE<<.

a glass jar that has been decoupaged with a patriotic napkin

This napkin wasn’t quite long enough to go completely around the jar, so I used other parts of the napkin to create two identical seams where the front and the back images don’t meet up all of the way. Another little detail that I added, which I think makes this project a little more upscale, is the color coordinated rim.

someone showing how they painted the top rim of a glass jar blue to match the napkin this decoupaged onto the jar

5. Decorate with Your New Jar Decor!

And once you have gotten all of your napkin applied, make sure to do a topcoat of your mod podge to seal everything. Then you’re ready to add it to your decor!

a patriotic glass jar vase on display that was made by My Eclectic Treasures

I hope that you found this how-to helpful and that it inspires you to create something similar for your home decor. It’s a great way to recycle glass jars and decorate your home on a budget! Make sure to join our email family so we can keep in touch.

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How to add texture to a decoupaged jar using only paint by My Eclectic Treasures

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