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Grapevine Wire Carrots Perfect for Your Spring Decor!

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Add some uniqueness to your Spring decor by making these Grapevine Wire Carrots! These are perfect for your Easter dough bowls or tiered trays! They would also be super cute stuck into an Easter basket! Did I mention they are really easy to make, too?! Let me show you! Make sure to check out our other Springs Diys while you’re here!

Supplies needed for this project :

  • Grapevine wire
  • A cone shaped item or graduated paintbrush
  • Greenery for your carrot tops
  • Orange paint
  • Chippy brush
  • Wire cutters

1. Shape Wire around Cone or Paint Brush

I wanted small carrots, so I used this paint brush, which is graduated in size. Just start wrapping your grapevine wire around the largest part of the brush and make your way down until you get to the end. Leave about a half inch space in between your wraps.

If you have trouble with unraveling at the ends of the grapevine wire, use a bit of hot glue and a finger protector to secure the grapevine onto the wire by twisting it together. Use the wire cutters to cut the grapevine wire at the end of your carrots.

Where Can I get Grapevine Wire?

You can get grapevine wire at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores. If you can’t find the grapevine wire, you could also use wired jute. You can find wired jute at any craft store and even at the Dollar Tree!

2. Paint the Grapevine Wire

These are technically pastry brushes, but they work great as chippy brushes and you can get this two pack at the Dollar General for around $1.50! Use one of these to work your paint down into the twists of your carrots.

It will be messy, but if you don’t make a mess, did you really even create? Ha! Once your twists are painted, let them sit to dry or you can use a heat gun.

3. Add Greenery to Your Grapevine Wire Carrots

Next, you want to add toppers to your carrots. I chose this boxwood greenery, even though they look nothing like carrot toppers. This is my favorite greenery. You can choose a more appropriate carrot topper-ish greenery if you don’t like the boxwood.

All I did was make a cut under one of the leaf sets, so it was flat. Then I glued that flat end to the top piece of grapevine wire. I kind of bent the wire close together at the top to create a perfect space to place this greenery.

And that was literally it! You have some really whimsical carrots to add to your spring decor!

grapevine wire carrots

I hope you enjoyed this Grapevine Wire Carrots diy and that it inspires you to make something similar for your Spring home decor! Make sure to join our email family so we can keep in touch!

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  1. Kathy

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    These are really neat! I haven’t seen this wire before, but I need to get some now.

    1. JRandLBriska

      You can get grapevine wire from Hobby Lobby! Thanks so much!

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