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Gone to the Beach Sign – Santa Decor Diy

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Are you looking for some ideas for beach Santa decorations? Here is a cute and super easy diy that you will be proud to display in your beach house or in that beach themed bedroom or bathroom! Bring a little bit of the beach into your home this Christmas with this Santa is gone to the beach sign!

Gone to the beach sign santa decor diy from My Eclectic Treasures

Supplies needed for this diy:

  • Thrifted wooden sign, canvas, or piece of scrap wood, etc
  • White paint and brush
  • Red felt
  • Black marker
  • Mini clothespins
  • Christmas greenery
  • Shells, driftwood pieces, sea glass, etc.
  • Gone to the beach vinyl decal
  • White chunky yarn
  • White pom pom
  • Scissors and hot glue
  • Staple gun (optional)

Step one: Prep your base

I used this thrifted clip board sign that I found at Goodwill. You could use a sign from the Dollar Tree and paint over it. A canvas or a piece of scrap wood would work, too. I’m just trying to use what I have. First I removed the sticker and the metal clip.

a wooden sign with a metal clip attached to it that reads "taught me everything" at the bottom laying on a table

Then I sanded where I removed the clip.

a wooden sign laying on a table with a sanding block above it

Step two: Paint your base

First, I used an acrylic paint as a primer. I used two coats, letting it completely dry in between coats.

someone painting a wooden sign with white acrylic paint

To complete the painting, I used a chalk paint to make sure that the writing was covered completely.

a board that has been painted white laying on a table

Step three: Draw and cut out your Santa suit

This is completely freehanded, so I don’t have a template for you, but you can do this. Try it on paper first, then draw it out on your felt. I drew one side of the Santa jacket first, then I folded over the felt, used pins to secure both layers, then cut out two sides.

Next, I drew some Santa pants.

a hand drawn pair of pants on red felt

See, they’re not perfect. Yours don’t have to be either.

a cutout of red felt pants laying on a table

Now, I needed a back to the Santa jacket, so I laid both sides down onto the felt and traced around them to create a “back”. Basically, it was a rectangle.

someone pinning the two santa jacket halves on a piece of felt, to make the back of the jacket

Last thing we drew and cut out was Santa’s hat. The hat is going to be draped over something, so I drew it like this.

a hand drawn santa hat on a piece of red felt

Step four: Add your fur to your suit

The fur that I used was a chunky white yarn. I lined the jacket pieces and the bottom of the pants first.

Then I glued the pieces of the jacket together. Last, I added a white pom pom to the hat to finish it. Santa’s suit is ready.

Step five: Add your decal

I added the decal to the bottom of the sign, but you could add it wherever you like. If you would like this decal, get one >>HERE<<.

Step six: Build your sign

I used this piece of Christmas greenery as my clothesline for Santa’s suit, using miniature clothespins.

someone holding a piece of Christmas greenery with the felt santa suit hanging from it with mini clothespins with the sign in the background that it's going on

Then I added some beach elements on either side of my decal.

a white sign that says Gone to the Beach with a shell and a piece of driftwood added to either side of it

Using a staple gun, I attached the greenery clothesline to the sign.

someone using a staple gun to attach the greenery to the wood sign

Our last little detail was to add the hat to the small piece of driftwood.

a felt santa hat that has been added to a piece of driftwood attached to a white board

Our Gone to the Beach Sign is complete!

a santa gone to the beach decor sign

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a santa gone to the beach decor sign

I hope you enjoyed this fun and easy gone to the beach sign and that it inspires you to make something similar for your home! Make sure to join our email family to keep up with us each week!

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