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Gingerbread Man Door Hanger with FREE Template

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Are you looking for something whimsical and fun to hang on your door this Christmas? Check out this adorable Gingerbread Man Door Hanger that you can make yourself! I have included the FREE template below as well! Make sure to check out other Christmas Diys while you’re here!

Supplies needed for this gingerbread man door hanger:

  • The template (provided below)
  • Printer with a copier
  • Burlap fabric
  • Cardboard
  • Red polka dot fabric (optional)
  • Buttons : White and black
  • White rick rack trim
  • Red polka dot ribbon
  • Miniature cardstock pennants
  • Miniature candies and/or gingerbread buttons
  • Paint : Pink, red, black, and white
  • Wire and wire cutters
  • Jute twine
  • Black marker
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors and an X-acto knife

How to Make a Jumbo Gingerbread Man Doorhanger

A graphic for Pinterest with a finished gingerbread man a a female holding supplies to make a gingerbread man and the words how to make a jumbo gingerbread man door hanger

1. Download the gingerbread man door hanger template

Click here to get the >>FREE gingerbread man template<< when you sign up to be a part of our email family! Keep reading for instructions on how to turn it into the jumbo sized gingerbread that I’m holding!

2. Print and cut the template

Once you have saved the template to your device, you want to print it and then cut it into four equal pieces. Once you’ve done that, you will add each piece, individually, to your copier and increase the size to 200%. Make sure to put the paper all the way to the corner of your copy screen.

3. Use your new jumbo template

After you have printed all four sections of your gingerbread, tape them together and use them to trace out your cotton fabric and your cardboard. Then you will cut them out.

4. Glue your cut pieces together

When you have your cotton and cardboard cut, glue those together. Then glue the cardboard onto the burlap. This will make it easier for you to cut your burlap and this will ensure that it’s the same size. You can do this with both pieces of fabric if you want. I just didn’t realize I needed the cardboard until after I had cut the cotton fabric. The cardboard just makes it sturdy. (Ps. this is why you see me gluing the burlap to the cardboard, because initially it was only going to be the burlap and cotton fabric)

5. Start decorating your gingerbread man

First thing that I used was white rickrack trim for the arms and legs.

someone holding up a burlap gingerbread man with rick rack added to the arms and legs

Next, I added white buttons to the belly. Then black buttons were added for the eyes.

an oversized unfinished gingerbread man door hanger laying on a table

Pink paint was used for the rosy cheeks and black paint was used to create the simple mouth.

someone decorating a gingerbread man

Last was his bowtie and I used the same fabric that I lined the back with to roll up a simple bow for his neck.

someone adding a red polka dot bow tie to a gingerbread man

a gingerbread man door hanger created out of burlap laying on a table

Isn’t this gingerbread man door hanger stinking adorable?!

If you wanted to stop now you could, but I wanted to add a little extra to him plus he needs a hanger for the door.

6. Add an optional banner

This was made for an online craft event on our Facebook page, and my friends had suggested that I make something gingerbread and some had suggested a banner. So, I decided to incorporate the two. I found these miniature pennants at Hobby Lobby and thought they were perfect!

cardstock mini banner from Hobby Lobby

I chose some gingerbread buttons and peppermint buttons to add to them. Then used a smaller red polka dot ribbon to line the top. After. I glued it to either side as if the gingerbread man was holding it up. So, he’s decorating his gingerbread house, too!

a gingerbread man holding up a gingerbread banner

7. Add a wood bead hanger

The last thing that I did was add a wood bead hanger using wire. I painted my beads red and white and strung them onto a section of heavy gauge wire and placed them into holes that I created on either hand of the gingerbread man.

red and white wooden beads strung on a piece of wire

What do you think about our gingerbread man door hanger?

a large burlap gingerbread man door hanger on a white door

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make a jumbo gingerbread man door hanger and that it inspires you to make something similar for your home. Make sure to join our email family to keep up with us each week.

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