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Gift Bag Wall Art – Farm Fresh Trees

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If you love shopping at the Dollar Tree, I’m sure you’ve seen how cute their gift bags are! I love farmhouse decor, and when I saw this gift bag, I knew that I wanted to make some wall art with it! 

Christmas gift bag

Supplies you’ll need for your gift bag wall art

  • Dollar Tree gift bag
  • Thrift store frame in a similar size 
  • Paint 
  • Twine
  • Embellishments
  • Rotary cutter *
  • Glue gun and hot glue *

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Let’s get started!

This frame came from Goodwill some time ago and I had planned to use it on our gallery wall. Fortunately, I have never used it, so when I bought the gift bag, this frame was just about a perfect fit! 

frame from Goodwill

Step one :

First thing to do is paint your frame. I used this cream colored paint that I bought at Walmart. 

the paint for the frame

Step two :

While the paint on the frame was drying, I used the cardboard backing of the frame to trim the gift bag. 

using the frame back to trim the gift bag

First thing I did was trace around the backing. Then I used my rotary blade to cut out the image. 

Step three :

Once the paint is dry, you can add your cut gift bag image to the frame and secure it. My original plan was to be finished at this point, but since the image was a smidge big for the frame, I decided to add some embellishments. 

framed gift bag

Final step :

Twine is one of my favorite crafting mediums to work with, and since it is perfect for that rustic touch, I added it around my frame. I lined it with the twine and I also added a bow to the top. 

lining frame with twine

lining frame with twine

Adding a twine bow to Christmas art frame

Finally, I added some greenery and embellishments to the tails of the twine bow. 

adding embellishments to Christmas frame

I love how our gift bag wall art turned out!

Christmas tree decor

Pin it for later!

DIY farmhouse Christmas wall art

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